Etsu B300 Potion Mask  

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Let's freeze our face! Been sick for a while now, and my skin has became dull and lifeless. Time to pamper it to the max. I've had this mask for quite a while.. and have mixed feelings over it. Why I like it: ~ It firms my skin ~ It hydrates, making my skin look plump. Why I'm not in love with it: x It can be messy during application x It does nothing to tighten my pores x A tad difficult to wash off x E-X-P-E-N-S-I-V-E What I did: Mix the liquid with the powder, and you need to mix them really fast else it curds up. Slather on clean face and neck. One sachet is actually enough for 2 person, else put on a thicker layer including the neck.. Feels like: Jelly, yellowish Smells like: Not heavily scented Relax while waiting for mask to dry.. It tightens after some time, and then wash off. I usually do this before shower so it doesn't mess up the bathroom and hair etc. After masking: ~ Touch - feels smooooooth, and plumpy (like toink toink) ~ Look - a little brighter and livelier

Bioglo Enzyme Mask - Exfoliating & Skin Refining  

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When I saw this product being introduced in Cosway Catalogue, I had this feeling that I really really want it. And badly I wanted it. And bought it. So anyway, I've been using it for quite some time, and I quite like it.  

Here's what Cosway has to say:
Reveal more radiant and vibrant skin with the Bioglo Exfoliating & Skin Refining Enzyme Mask. Its gentle ingredients work synergistically to gently loosen and dissolve dull surface cells and impurities, increasing circulation and improving tone and texture for a healthier, brighter complexion. Suitable for all skin types & ages. Great for men too.

Here's what I think: 
Bioglo Enzyme Mask comes in a pink 100g tube. Made in Taiwan. The texture is creamy, white - not too thick. Easily spread on face with finger. Doesn't dry on skin even if left on too long. The scent is rather pleasant. Lightly scented with sweet Jasmine (and I love Jasmine). Its so light that 2-3 mins after application the scent is not noticeable. Washes off easily, there is no need to scrub hard.  

After that.. Foxy finds that her skin: - Is brighter - Is plumped with hydration (not bread faced, just so the pores are not that obvious) - Is not red with patches / no tingling as well *love* Introductory price was $29.90

Yoga Poses for Better Complexion  

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I find this old saying pretty amazing:

~ “Until a person hits 40, she has the face she got from her parents; after 40, she has the face of the life she had lived” *scrambles off for my daily green juice* :D

Here are some yoga poses towards healthy, glowing skin!

I must confess that this is my ultimate favourite pose! Hehe 20 mins? I can do 10 hours. Kidding.. ok, tried and tested for 20 mins, it is indeed rejuvenating.

Errm.. I wonder, if I do this pose with my face mask on (the detox type) will it rid more impurities?