Sightings - Watsons 29 June13  

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The last time I visited Aeon SP was over a year ago.. and I remember the Watsons here were the first in Penang to carry Essence products.

Made another trip today since we miss the food at Black Canyon Coffee.

I am pleased to find these!
Last month after reading one of the women's magazine I went looking for Kanebo Freshel Mineral BB Cream Pore Cover MB but couldn't find any.  I found the entire range including some skincare items here!

Also Essence Illuminating Makeup Base and Skin Perfection Makeup Base were very tempting. Now if only people don't open up too many items and left them to spoil..

Produced for Daiso..  

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These bright coloured mascaras caught my eyes in one of my recent trips to Daiso. They are all made in Korea ansd comes in:

- Volume up
- Top coat (clear)
- Long & curl

The Malaysian Women Weekly June 2013  

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Grab a copy of this month's weekly, because there's a treat for Crabtree Evelyn lovers. It comes with a coupon for a buy 1 free 1 - 25g Hand Therapy.

I got mine; and for early birds I got a anti bacterial moisturising hand gel too. All these for RM30 :)

Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm  

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I see a lot of raves for this lip balm so when I first saw it in Taiwan I didn't hesitate getting 1. The reviews sounds very promising so I had really high expectations on this little fella. 

First the texture. It is super soft and buttery. So soft it easily gets dented. Still this doesn't bother me much as I'm not clumsy with stuffs.

The killer is its fake medicinal smell. Wait maybe not medicinal but very chemical-ish. And the waxy feel on my lips.. no go. These 2 puts me off from using it though it has SPF.

Upon application it gives a tingle and feels cool. But I don't think I will continue using it. Definitely not a repurchase.