The Face Shop Pure Water Facial Mist - Jeju Marine  

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Ahhhh on a hot afternoon, when the face feels tight and dry, don't we all wish for a spritz of cool mist to soothe our skin? Introducing The Face Shop Pure Water Facial Mist - Jeju Marine. A mouthful for a slim bottle of mist.

The Face Shop Says:
Jeju Island’s pure Samdasu water in addition to locally produced flower extract marine extract and orange extract will quench thirsty skin in fine facial mist sIt improves circulation to revitalize tired skin. Its scent is subtle and fresh ocean breeze.

Foxy Frangipani Says:

Color: Clear
Scent: Close to sea breeze
Nett Wt: 70ml
Price: RM11.90 (I got it when it was on sale)

I like that the bottle is slim enough to carry in my makeup pouch.
It does bring relief upon spritzing this. I like to spritz this follow by patting ala Hada Labo style lol. This is non-sticky, and the spritz is very even and distributed.

However, not much to rave about this facial mist. The hydration effect doesn't last long. It merely soothes temporarily. Not bad considering the affordable price tag. But I don't think I would re-purchase this.

Kose Sekkisei Sun Protector SPF50+/PA++  

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Kose Says:
The oriental-mineral veil gently envelopes your skin and saves your skin from the scorching sun.Your Daily Whitening Sunscreen Lotion

Protect skin with sun-shielding and whitening effect. A whitening sunscreen lotion with oriental mineral veil that gently envelopes the skin and protects skin from harmful UV rays. 

Completely blocks UV-A that degrades skin's resilience and UV-B that causes sunburn. Maintains skin’s health with supple moisture, translucency and fairness with SPF50+/PA++. 

Oriental herb extract moisturises and conditions skin, thus prevents skin unevenness caused by dryness of skin inflicted by UV damage. 

For everyday use; gentle on skin and blends quickly enabling your skin to feel comfortable and smooth. 

Long wearing and resistant to perspiration and water. Lasting sunscreen effect and can be used as makeup base effect that enable foundation to last. 

For face/body (Special cleansing unnecessary)

Foxy Frangipani Says:

Texture: Milky liquid
Scent: Soothing, powdery smell.
Nett Wt: 50ml
Color: White
Price: RM105

I was first introduced to this Sun Protector when Niu Er mentioned about this during the Kose Workshop that I attended months back.

Well I didn't regret buying this, cause I really love this :)

The texture is white liquid, so application is a breeze. Spreads very easily. It doesn't leave a white cast on my face. Upon application, my skin feels moisturized but not oily.

Not very sure of its whitening properties though. I don't think it whitens.. but my complexion did brightened, and more even-toned. No new sun spots! :D

Alas, I'm finishing my current bottle. Will only be re-purchasing this next year, because this year my Kose points has hit 4000 pts. It'll be more worth it to start a new points collection next year. Also I prefer to buy this from Jusco - they have the monthly voucher day. Every RM100 - redeem RM20 voucher. So I only pay RM85 *grins*