Hokkaido Lover - E.G.F Reconstruct Mask  

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Hmmm what a weird name.. reconstruct what? I don't usually mask on Mondays (always home dead tired) but, today I needed a nap before waking up shortly to book my Zero Fare flight to Bangkok! :))

Hokkaido Lover says:
Suitable for all skin type, especially for aging skin.

Ingredients: E.G.F, collagen, silk protein, Bolivian uric acid, aloe extract, seaweed extract, green tea extract, lavender extract

What it does:
~ Regenerates skin and improves/prevents wrinkles 
~ Tightening and hydrating effects 
~ Improves skin elasticity
~ Lighten scar
~ Restores & reconstructs skin structure

Foxy Says:
- The mask sheet is a lil too big for my face, hehe. No biggie.
- Don't know about improving wrinkles: I used it once and I don't have wrinkles.. But it is very hydrating. My skin plumps up nicely, stays hydrated after about an hour or so.

- It smells abit funny to me.. sourish, like vinegar? No its not expired, expiry is 2012. It is tolerable though.
- It came with a thickish plastic sheet which I find very useful in creating a lil heat, hence the mask stayed moist for quite some time. I had it on for about 40 mins.

- The essence is quite slippery.
- It has brightening effect. I find my skin less dull after use.

I don't remember who I bought this from.. but I spent about RM2.40 for this one. I might repurchase, I wish it didn't smell like vinegar though hehehhe.

Beauty Tip: Super Food for Super Hair  

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I absolutely love lazy weekends, alone at home. That's when I get to read all I want. I was reading Seventeen mag April 2010 and find this article rather interesting. Hair treatments with real food.

I am not sure if I'll risk ants into my bathroom, plus it will be super messy which means - cleaning up the bathroom (ugghhhh). However the coffee rinse sounds tolerable...

 To eliminate frizz:
~ Fruit Smoothie with bananas and cantaloupes.
Potassium-rich bananas and cantaloupes help to soften rough strands, while a few drops of olive oil keep hair smooth.

*Mix 1 banana, 1/4 cataloupe, 2 tbsp yoghurt, 1 tbsp olive oil in blender.
*Apply to damp unwashed hair, comb thru.
*Allow to sink for 15-20 mins, rinse. Shampoo and condition as usual.

To boost color:
~ Coffee rinse
Coffee intensifies darker shades to make hair really shine. 

*Brew any type of plain unflavored coffee, let it cool.
*Pour enough coffee over dry hair till completely soaked. Comb thru.
*Cover head with shower cap, let set for 20-30 mins
*Rinse, shampoo. Final rinse with cold water to maximize shine.

Fix split ends:
~ Avocado mask

*Combine 1 can of coconut millk (shines hair), 1 mashed avocado, 1/4 cup honey
*Slather on dry hair, focusing on damaged ends. Cover with shower cap.
*Blast hair with heat from blow dryer for 5 mins, then allow to soak for 30 mins.
*Rinse, dont shampoo. (eeeks! wont this be oily and messy!?)

Freebie: Airellis Moisture Power Serum  

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Moisture Power Serum

A concentrated active gel with intensive delivery to supplement your daily moisturizer, Airellis Moisture Power Serum is designed to hydrate skin prone to superficial wrinkles.

It is a super-saturated hydration to revitalize parched skin.
A unique blend of moisturizing and revitalizing agents helps to increase skin moisture and reduce trans-epidermal water loss.

Sodium carboxymethyl betaglucan protects skin against UVA, improves firmness and skin texture.

Directions of use
Apply am & pm after cleansing. Smooth over face and throat after application of Airellis Hydra Fluid.

Skin Type / Condition
~Combination Skin Dry
~Dehydrated Skin
~Premature Aging

Foxy Says:
I redeeemed this serum from Vouch Magazine cut out coupon. Airellis relocated their outlet to Queensbay area so I guess this their opening special.

Been using it for a couple of weeks, and I find that this works pretty well.
My long hours at the office gave me some faint lines around my mouth area, a sign of dehydration! Arghh.

The serum spreads easily, so I only need about 1-2 pumps each time.
I prefer to pat it on, and doing this means no stickiness, another plus point.

Color: Clear gel, semi-runny
Content: 30ml
Scent: Unscented, my nose is happy!
Price: Err, I got it free, but if I remember well I think it is RM168 (or is it RM68?!)

After about a month of using, I find that my skin is less dehydrated (again depending on the hours of sleep): - I only use this once a day.
The fine lines are still around, but getting less obvious.

I'm not too sure if I'll re-purchase this, as I'd like to try some others first :)