Tony Moly Intense Repair Live Snail Cream  

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Tony Moly Said:

[Anti wrinkle; Whitening; Skin Repairing]

Skin repairing and nourishing cream with filtrated mucus ingredient form living snail. 70% of snail mucus filtrate / 6 skin irritating elements free formula / anti-wrinkle; whitening formula

It is a highly concentrated skin rejuvenating and nourishing cream containing more than 70% of snail mucus filtrate that gives self repairing and strengthening power to the skin. This moisturizing cream is made of a very mild and skin friendly formula that uses only fresh and safe ingredients. 

Also, it is certified as an anti-wrinkle and whitening functional formula which has amazingly silky texture and premium skin treatment effects. It makes the skin firm, clear and supple as born natural.

Directions: Take an adequate amount of the product, gently apply to face and neck area.

Foxy Frangipani Said:
Scent: Mild powder
Nett Wt: 50ml
Made in: Korea
Texture: White cream

Korean beauty industry never fails to amaze me. The luminous clear skin, ethereal looking make-up.. and the pace they come out with skincare products.

So, snail mucus cream? Ooooh, exotica!
I had to try right? I got the set together with the eye cream. Unfortunately, while I like the eye cream; I don't quite like the moisturizer..

It smells nice, very mildly scented. Relaxing too. The texture isn't too rich, easily spread. Then it annoys me.. it feels heavy on my skin. And makes me look so shiny light at the end of the tunnel.. :( I don't like heading out with just this on my face - I look like I've not wash my face for days. We're not talking about dewy skin here.. we're talking.. shiny. Blot like crazy in the afternoon. (I don't like it even for night use..)

Must use sunscreen and powder - but I sometimes (most for now) don't have that much of preening time before work.

Heh, then I found a better way to use this - mix this with Essence Stay All Day Foundation. I find the foundation a little too dry for my liking, so its a good pairing..

I do agree this hydrates my skin well.. skin appears plump and supple. Can't vouch for anti wrinkle and whitening. I use a couple of brightening products so I won't know if this works.

The jar looks kinda classy and not too big. I scoop with a mini spatula so no issues with dirty fingers. One green pea size for face, neck and shoulders.. yep I'm extending love to shoulders..

But overall, I will not be repurchasing this..
I have about 1/8 tub to go.. 

*couldn't upload the pic from my phone :S

All is Bright, Flower Perfect at My Doorstep  

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I love it when after a tiring day at work, I came home to find some lil treasures waiting for me :)

Growing my Bourjois collection :))
(Ooh just realized I forgot to post my Xmas haulidays pics!)

Adore the lip glaze set. My first Stila was a lip glaze too.. before Stila moved out of Malaysia.

These Were at My Porch  

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My Asos Aura Ankle Boots in teal arrived today :)

Whaddya think? Cool eh? ;)

SmoothE Skin Therapie Body Lotion  

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Foxy Frangipani Says:
Scent: Smells of avocado, sweet
Nett Wt: 100ml
Made in: Thailand
Texture: White cream
This cream appears thick but easily spreads. Needs a few rubs for a nicely moisturized skin. What I love about this is it healed my ugly dry cracking heels.
I was using this nightly and followed by a pair of socks. It is not sticky so its a joy using this. Lasted me about 5 weeks.

I will definitely repurchase this when I go to Bangkok again. :)
The pump bottle, while hygienic; I find it is little wasteful. I bet there are still some products in there though appear as empty. Really prefer jar.

Love the smell. Reminds me of fresh avocado juice... yum! It's probably the rice ingredient.

Now, Strip and Relax..  

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January... usually the month where I'm likely to feel extremely laid back. Recovering from frenzy shoppings, and sulking for having to return to work :P

I went on to pamper myself a little.. made a trip to the spa today :D

Oh my.... zzzz(god)zzzz. I super need one regularly.
I like Danai Spa for reasons below:

- If you're early, you could actually have a good soak at the jacuzzi. I was on something else so I skipped this today.

- The rooms are decorated differently (themes), and have a private bath area each.

- The environment is clean and well maintained.

The price is (ok I'm not gonna lie.. I won't like paying the full price monthly) mid-high range but they aren't as expensive as, say, the one at Rasa Sayang Hotel. RM150 for a 90 minute massage at a spa is ok, reasonable. Maybe once every couple of months..

I went for the Signature Massage - long firm strokes. Fantastic!
Made me feel so ahhhhh, you get it :)

One of these days I am tempted to go for the package with facial.
I liked my previous treatments - they use Pevonia ( I wonder if they still do ), and I'm okay with it. No allergies etc.

** Couldn't post any pictures up - been having horrible connections at home when blogging on PC :(

I Just Wanna Have A Quick Look  

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That was what I said after dinner heading to Watsons. Suppose to come out empty handed but on my way out my eyes lingered the wrong way. 

Saw this IN2IT BB Cream with a free Loose Powder. Same price at RM18.90 Thought why not.. since I like their blusher...

And my very first nude nail polish. Lol.. I'm used to dark metallics..

The sachet is an eye cream sample from Pangea.. thought the colours complement each other lol.

** Am tempted to try this out tomorrow.. if I get enough shut eyes. Since my Gowoonsesang BB Cream finished I've not come across a BB Cream as good. In terms of color matching and without white cast.. I need either Boujois foundation or Botanics Colour Adjusting. Wondering if this could be a fave..

Feeling Very Relaxed  

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Happy New Year all :)
It is the first weekend for the new year, with all the recent festivities and shopping behind; time to just chill.
Laundry is done, dishes done. Usually it is bedtime, but hey, weekend!
So time for some magazines catch up.
I missed months of Pearl magazine - they are always out of stock I once questioned the Jusco employee if these are really out of stock, or they just don't print anymore. Good thing The Husband said to try our luck asking (usually available after the 15th). Expect some chinese dishes.. CNY is just around the corner :)
New Tide caught my eye with the Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm. The mag costs RM10, but just the freebie alone is about RM8.90, what a steal.
I occasionally read Feng Shui World to drool over the beautiful Feng Shui items. Just drool but rarely buy - the prices are too "beautiful". I particularly like the segment on Good/Bad Days to Cut Your Hair. Wonder how accurate it can be, fun read and will try to cut my hair on the days that brings me luck! :)
Have you read up on your horoscope this year?
I have 2 Feng Shui talk to attend this month, can't wait to see what is in store for us.