Another Fast Growing Collection - Sleek MakeUp  

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A while ago, I commented that my Bourjois collection was growing. Suddenly Sleek Makeup got jealous and gave a competition! Heh, just my excuse..
Just within 3 months my collection grew from nada to... below! Didn't know why I got the eyes pallettes, but I like the shades! Actually I tried a few times and so far, compliments!
And oh.. the blushes, are the reason why I obsessed over Sleek. I tend to avoid paying for shipping, so that's why I waited till now..
Luxola has been earning alot of my moolah, and I have a feeling they will continue to.. because I just got a fat promotion at work *grins* This is my 3rd free bag now.. and I'm anticipating another sale so I could make a damage ordering the bigger Sigma brush set.

Use Them Up Mar 13 WK 6  

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I didn't like the Biore UV Aqua Rich from WK4, so I opened a new sunscreen this time. Also finished the Oriental Princess Eye Essence.

For Makeup:
- Biore UV Bright Face Milk SPF 50+ PA+++
- Max Factor Second Skin Foundation in 040 Cream Ivory
- Benefit Feeling Dandy (Posietint, High Beam, Dandelion,  Dandelion Ultra Plush)
- Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying Powder in 52 Vanilla
- Guerlain Meteorites in Pink Fresh 02

For Skincare; the only change:
- TonyMoly Intense Repair Live Snail Eye Cream
- Melvita Nigella Oil

Splurging Saturday - Have Some Oranges, A Bath, and Some Colors In Life!  

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Weekends are best spent at home, unless you have realy strong resistance and willpower. I know I have strong willpower to buy buy buy!
I always have a weak spot for Crabtree and Evelyn. There are not many range that didn't attract me. I had to try out the Tarocco Orange. The Husband was teasing me crazy because as usual I said I would go just for the sample. But I walked out with all the above :S
Smells like yummy orange juice. The deluxe size lotion and La Source Shampoo and Conditioner; together with the orange pouch are GWP.
In all my trips to KL, visiting Uniqlo became a habit.. I only really splurge when they are on sale. Of late, I fell in love with coloured jeans. Now I just need more tees to pair them up? :P
I tried their shaper when I was in Korea. And I like it. Unlike the conventional shaper, this does not suffocate me. Its snug and gives a great silhouette. Oh this time, they come in lace too. And at RM29.90 its very wallet friendly compared to RM350 for Triumph!
I like it when I'm missed (roll eyes).
Haha I got a 15% discount hence I chose Yves Rocher this time. About time to replenish my shower essentials. Just finished the Sari Ayu Soap and The Body Shop wash. I like the scents already..
Time to hit the bed. Not happy that its Monday so soon..

I Have a Love Hate Relationship. .  

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... with Sephora! Look what this relationship did to me.
Over the span of 3 months, I made 2 trips to Sephora and made a dent to my purse..
First trip in December:
Soap and Glory Fab Pore Cleanser (RM55) - Funny I didn't spot this at Boots in my Bangkok trips. I like that it came with a muslin cloth. And didn't wait to use this haha.
NYX - Cream blusher (Pink Poppy) RM26, lip pencil, bronzer and lig gloss ("Natural" lip gloss is a free gift). Sephora really need to restock their NYX items more often. Alot of the items are already out of stock.
Benefit Feeling Dandy (RM110) - I've been drooling over Benefit stuffs (especially their blushers) for ages. Bought my first item in Singapore about 5 years back, Dr Feel Good. Pricey but I like!
Since then have been stalking the website but never get to place any order.
I figured spending RM300++ is a little OTT. But buying from the counter is too expensive, comparing the US price. Confusion was me!
Decided to then splurge one time.. and that one time costed me more below; because I love the blusher and the highlighter. Infact I love them all :)

Second trip recently: with 10% discount
Benefit TropiCoral and SugarLicious (RM110). I figured its a great price to try out multiple items, rather than buying full size (I'd never come to finish it, or it would take me a decade)
Another Soap and Glory Fab Pore Cleanser (RM55). Because I love how smooth and clean this makes my skin feels.. and yes the muslin cloth! (The Body Shop SAs do not know what muslin cloths are... hmmm)
One more NYX Blusher (Hibiscus). There weren't much choice left :(
This one, The Husband insisted to buy @.@
Josie Maran Organic Argan Oil Moisturizer (RM169). I think it is kinda expensive but he was all about how great the ingredients are and because I have a 10% discount and all.. I'll see if its really that good.
The devil in me wish Sephora will come to Penang soon, just like Uniqlo. The angel however, says... come anyway!! ;)

When You Have SMS...  

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... from one of the beauty counters SA, it usually means.. spending.  More so if the center of the nose has a blemish. According to Chinese face reading it is a sure sign of money flowing out.
Max Factor Second Skin Foundation is going at RM40 (usually RM72). I tried 040 Creamy Ivory, matches to T. I heard they are discontinuing Second Skin; so if I love this I'd be really sad.
So then I walked to pay and on my way there Canmake is on 50% off. What happen? Of course I strayed to the blushers and say hello to Powder Cheek in PW05. Tata RM17.45....
Su.Soku products are on 20% (np RM49.90) and the Seamless Short Sleeves Massage Top looks good (hello Parkson, do you really have to have the whole store on sale??)
And to feed my hunger for reading 2 mags this round. Oh I notice Taiwanese Queen magazine is on a monthly publication now.. RM28 monthly? Urks.. maybe next time. And yes I like the Women's Weekly topic on creating luck plus the freebie. Generous 200ml bottle.. last many laundry washes yo..