Crabtree & Evelyn Aromatherapy Distillations Revitalizing - Cleansing Body Polisher  

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Crabtree Says:
The ultimate 'wake up' shower. Cleanse, lightly exfoliate and soften your skin in one easy step. Work into a rich lather as the enveloping aroma of lemon and coriander essential oils revive and energize your spirits. Mineral crystals, apricot and passion flower seeds to gently smooth and polish and acai extract to revive and rejuvenate your skin. Leaves your skin feeling smooth and refreshed

. Revive your skin and your spirits
. Energizes the senses with 100% essential oils
. Exfoliates and polishes your skin with mineral crystals, apricot and passion flower seeds
. Skin rejuventating acai extract
. Contains no parabens, sodium lauryl, or laureth, sulfate, mineral oil, propylene glycol, synthetic color or fragrance.

Scent: Refreshing essential oil blend of lemon, coriander, spearmint, mandarin, ylang ylang, star anise, oakmoss and galbanum.

Featured Ingredients:
Essential oil blend of lemon essential oil, coriander essential oil, spearmint essential oil, mandarin essential oil, ylang ylang essential oil, star anise essential oil, oakmoss essential oil, galbanum essential oil (revitalizing, energizing), aluminum oxide mineral crystals (skin refining, polishing), apricot seed powder (skin smoothing), passion seed powder (skin smoothing), mango (skin conditioning), acai (skin rejuvenating), guava extract (skin revitalizing), orchid extract (skin soothing). 

Foxy Frangipani Says:
Nett Wt:200g
Scent: Refreshing, a hint of citrus
Price: About RM55 (intro price)

Crabtree products are like a luxury for me. I will never be able to justify paying the full price for their products. But come Christmas and whenever they have new products launching (damn, they have alot of launchings per year), is my haul time. Prices then seems ok, not for the frugals but occassionaly splurge is fine.

I love this body polisher!
For the texture, just the way I like it. Coarse enough to feel a good buff, my skin looks healthy after each use. Very smooth to touch, perfect to follow up with lotion. I tend to like coarser texture so I could use it on my feet too.. 

And the scent... oh just heavenly. Very citrusy and refreshing. Makes me feel very pampered.

It doesn't leave oily residue and is very easy to rinse off. The 200g tube lasted me about a couple of months. I use this everyday, on some days, more to cover the entire body.

One gripe though about the cap. It needs to be kept at the drier areas of the bathroom. If it gets wet, some yellowish build up would appear inside - gross. Other than that - perfect!

Bioglo Omega 3 Serum  

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Bioglo Says:
Omega-3, A Vital Nutrient for Healthy Skin
Omega-3 is the main component of your skin’s cell membrane. It ensures that the cell membrane works efficiently and pro-actively for flawless, healthy skin. 

Inca Inchi – The Plant with the Richest Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids
Originally from the Amazon rainforest, Inca Inchi (Plukenetia volubilis) has been widely used by the natives in their beauty rituals. Recent scientific studies have confirmed Inca Inchi’s high Omega-3 content and nutrient composition (including the antioxidants vitamins A and E) that can neutralize the free radicals responsible for premature skin aging.

Bioglo Omega-3 Serum contains concentrated Omega-3 extracted from the Inca Inchi plant, (known to have the best available plant-based Omega-3). 

It also contains acclaimed skin care ingredients like Pentapeptides, Hexapeptides and Sodium Hyaluronte (Hyaluronic Acid salt).

Bioglo Omega-3 Serum’s effects on your skin:
  • Improves softness & decreases roughness
  • Increases suppleness
  • Increases moisture level
  • Improves skin comfort
Omega-3 Benefits All Skin Types
Oily Skin & Acne-Prone Skin
Omega-3 helps to regulate and normalize skin sebum production and reduce blemishes such as whiteheads, blackheads and pimples

Red & Sensitive Skin
Omega-3 helps to calm and soothe irritated skin. It forms an invisible protective layer against irritants that can cause skin sensitivity and redness

Dry Skin
Omega-3 reduces moisture loss and hydrates skin 

Stressed & Dull Skin
Omega-3 helps to reduce skin dullness due to dry air, pollution and years of neglect

Mature Skin
Omega-3 aids skin renewal, and helps to normalize the production of collagen and elastin, keeping skin firm, youthful and wrinkle-free

Normal or Combination Skin
Omega-3 keeps skin healthy by nourishing and protecting it.


Foxy Frangipani Says:
Nett Wt: 30ml

Texture: Runny lotion

Colour: Light yellow

I thought I have previously review this serum, but I couldn't find it hmmm. Weird that the bottle is still in my to-do list lol. Playing tricks on me..

Anyway, it was my mom that started using this serum. She used a couple of bottle and my, her skin does look good! Supple and blemish free, she doesn't look like in her 50s (envy envy). It was one weekend I went back hastily without properly packing my own skincare, and she offered me this. Went to sleep and when she woke me up the next morning...

She looked excited - she commented that my skin looks really good. And yeah I jumped off the bed towards the mirror (vain people are like that). Oooohh, my skin did look plumped up and glowy. Now I know whenever we get a good night rest our skin would look good. But what I saw was way better!

So I went on and bought myself a bottle of this goodies. Used up the whole bottle, and it never irritates my skin. This is like the drugstore version on Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

The fact that it comes with a dropper makes usage very convenient. Have not experience any spillage, and one pump is sufficient for whole face and neck. The rubber stays solid too, so it didn't get greasy.

The serum absorbed well, and does not leave sticky residue. No unpleasant smell too, but scent could be very subjective.

Cosway occassionally has sale on this where you could get the 2nd bottle at 50% off.

The only reason I stopped buying (I've used up 3 bottles) is because Cosway kinda increased their membership fees, and other that a few selected items; my mom and I rarely purchase anything else. Hence wasn't worth to continue the membership.

Chemicals and Our Body  

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While I was clearing my inbox, I came across this.
I think it serves a good reminder of how much damage are we doing to our bodies. 

I am more aware now, and as much as I could I'm starting to avoid the nasties in the products that I use.

Hmm too bad my ever growing stash previously bought are waiting to be used..

Have a relaxing weekend~!
I'm trying not to stress myself out with all the packing and moving. Maybe a cup of Bamboo Tea might help :)

L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Shampoo  

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Loreal Says:
Daily wear and tear can damage the hair’s surface and weaken the fibre. Hair becomes weak, looking limp and lifeless, losing its shine and silky feel.

L’Oréal Laboratories have developed a Pro-Keratine and Ceramide enriched formula that helps restore 5 visible signs of replenished hair without weighing it down.

L’Oréal Paris Total Repair 5 Shampoo is specially designed to repair damaged hair, cell after cell, without weighing hair down.

5 Problems. 1 Solution. 


L’Oréal Paris Total Repair 5 is our first total repair for damaged hair. The restoring haircare range repairs 5 of the top Canadian hair problems* by reconstituting and restructuring the hair at the cellular level. Its restoring formula with Pro-Keratine and Ceramide fights against: Damage, Thinning, Split-Ends, Brittleness and Dullness.

Pro-Keratine, a combination of 2 amino acids found in keratine, repairs the hair fibre, the hair structure is reinforced and hair regains its strength like new.

Ceramide, a patented compound from L’Oréal Laboratories, replicates hair’s intercellular cement, transforming the hair’s surface to an even and smooth condition.

Proven results:
1) Feels stronger
2) Looks fuller
3) Looks revitalized
4) Has a healthy-looking shine
5) Feels silkier

Foxy Frangipani Says:
Nett Wt: 80ml
Scent: Fresh

I got a couple of this shampoo from magazine purchase and exchange programmes. The 80ml size is perfect for gym use. I've since finished my 3rd and last bottle. Ready to review :)

Now, I wash my hair daily in the morning before work. So if I hit the gym later, I will wash my hair again. Previously I was using deep cleansing shampoo and my hair ended up being really dry :S (I cannot NOT wash my hair in the morning - habit!)

This is perfect! It didn't dry out my hair, as a matter of fact, keeps it really soft and silky after each wash. No need for a conditioner (no time anyway, I usually would get really hungry after gym, about 9pm).

I don't know about hair looking fuller. Don't they always look fuller after a fresh wash and a blow dry? Hee...

For me, this lathers really well and easy to rinse off too.
Does not make my scalp itch and smells good!

I might get more of these for gym use, after I finished other samples of course. Why gym use only? I love my Redken more :P

Shu Uemura Skin Purifier High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil - Fresh  

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Hello! So glad its weekend isn't it?
I've started to pack my stuffs into boxes as I will be moving in a couple more days. Stressful!!

I've decided not to take a picture for this one, and do a quick review (so that I could get rid of the bottle ha!)

Anyway, here is what Shu Uemura says:

Foxy Frangipani Says:
Nett Wt: 450ml
Texture: Oil
Price: RM270 (I think) 

I got this during one of my shopping trips in KL. Randomly had an urge to try the infamous Shu Cleansing Oil lol. Of course, the price kills and I am a better person now (hahaha yeah right).

I'm on the fence on this one. 
First half of the bottle:- I love it. It melts my makeup, emulsifies brilliantly and rinses off easily. Didn't leave much oily film on my skin (but I double cleanse anyway out of habit). One pump to cover my face and neck.

Then came second half:- I find it gradually more difficult to emulsify!
Like I always ended up with a thick layer of goo on my face, ewww.
I am dying to finish up the bottle; I think still about 1-2 weeks to go. I could have just bin it but, I spent RM270 for this ugh.

End up being disappointed with this and definitely will not repurchase.
Oh oh.. am I the only weird one who hates this? :P

Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Relaxing Body Silk  

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Crabtree Evelyn Says:
Spray on a light veil of nurturing moisture anytime your skin feels dry or stressed. Formulated with marine extracts, grapeseed, panthenol and glycerin to condition your skin and help it maintain the ideal moisture balance.
Foxy Frangipani Says:
Nett Wt: 175ml
Scent: Beautiful sea breeze
Texture: Mist

One of my favourite range from Crabtree Evelyn!
The La Source range reminds me of the relaxing cool breeze. Very ideal for both day and night. For day dreaming too :P

Very suitable for day use because it is non greasy. Spritz on and pat a little for a quick pick me up - the gorgeous scent stays on long! 

Too bad they don't produce this anymore.

It's Skin Power 10 Formula CO Effector  

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It's Skin Says:
Collagen serum concentrated with vegetable collagen extracts hydrates the skin from the inside, giving it a look of effervescence and resilience immediately after applying.

Foxy Frangipani Says:
Scent: None
Nett Wt:30ml
Texture: Runny liquid 

I hauled this back from Korea last year :)
There were so many Power 10 Formula to choose from I really want them all.

I like that it comes with a dropper.. and I use 1 full pump for the whole face and neck. Because of its runny texture, it is very easy to apply and absorbs almost immediately. Non-sticky.

However I find that if I do not use BB cream or foundation after, my face tends to get a little too glowy mid-day. No such problem with a little makeup after application.

It doesn't break me out, and no negatives etc. I believe it does hydrate, but the effect isn't very obvious. And these days I spend less time taking care of my skin - my mornings are rushed, work late everyday, pretty irregular meals, and came back feeling dead. If on top of all that my skin didn't dry out, its something, yeah? :)

Vintage Sister's Lip Lickers - Flirtini  

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Vintage Sister Says:

Foxy Frangipani Says:
Scent: Bubblegum
Nett Wt: 0.25oz
Price: I think about USD3.00 (before discount)

I bought this together with some other lip balms and elbow greases some time back, and am finally willing to review it haha!

What attracted me to this was:-
- The cute tin!
- The cute drawing on the tin :P
- The flavour of the balm

Well yeah, the tin is cute - small and handy and comes in a sliding top.
I got this even though I don't really fancy dipping my finger into it and don't really want to use a brush each time too, but you know when the packaging is cute and fancy...

So I just put this by my laptop.. and each time I feel a little dry on the lips, I use this (wash hands prior of course!!).

It tastes like... bubblegum! Sweet and candy like.
I don't know about winter (I wish I have it here!) but this keeps my lips soft and comfy. Long lasting power too (only need once, unless I feel like finishing this fast). Doesn't feel waxy.. just smells realllly sweet.

The only thing I don't really fancy is the purchase experience.. The items got delayed like.. more than a month.

The Body Shop Passion Fruit Facial Cleansing Gel  

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The Body Shop Says:
A beauty classic returns. This foaming cleanser is gentle on the skin and smells of fresh passion fruit.

  • Gentle on the skin
  • Washes off
  • Refreshing
  • Bottle made from 100% recycled plastic 
How To: 
Massage a small amount into damp skin in an upward circular motion. Rinse with clean water. If product gets into eyes, rinse with clean water.

Key Ingredient(s)
  • Community Fair Trade organic aloe vera 

Full Ingredients
Aqua (Solvent/Diluent), Glycerin (Humectant), Passiflora Edulis Fruit Extract (Natural Additive), Coco-Glucoside (Surfactant), Sodium Cocoamphoacetate (Surfactant), Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer (Stabiliser/Viscosity Modifier), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (Surfactant), Benzyl Alcohol (Preservative), Phenoxyethanol (Preservative), Parfum (Fragrance), Sodium Chloride (Viscosity Modifier), Sodium Hydroxide (pH Adjuster), Benzophenone-4 (Sunscreen agent, Ultraviolet Light Absorber), Methylparaben (Preservative), Disodium EDTA (Chelating Agent), Butylparaben (Preservative), Ethylparaben (Preservative), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (Skin-Conditioning Agent), Isobutylparaben (Preservative), Propylparaben (Preservative), CI 14700 (Colour). 

Foxy Frangipani Says:
Scent: Fruity
Texture: Gel
Nett Wt: 250ml
Price: I think it was RM29.90 for 2 (sale)

I've just finished the first bottle (lasted about 3-4 months). The smell is really fruity, but sometimes I find it a little stale-ish. 

This cleanser is not for evening use - not good for removing makeup or sunscreen. It is however very suitable for morning use where you need very very mild cleansing. It cleanses alright with a cool rinse after that. Doesn't dry or make skin feels tight.

It lathers slightly, rinses off pretty easily. Doesn't sting my eyes.
But that's about it I guess. Not much to love, but I think I would repurchase this if they are on sale again. RM15 for one 250ml bottle is very worth it :)