Bonne année et bonne santé !  

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Mes amies, bonne année et bonne santé !
New Year is few hours away, and it is time for … une bonne resolution!

Most of my 2009 were occupied with work, some rotten feeling times, great trips both local and overseas. And then there was the day dreaming, wanting a mansion for my “assets”, silly fun times .
I kept most of my 2009 resolutions, except for exercising 3 times a week. I only did 1 :P

So here are my resolutions:

-          Sleep earlier. I used to clock about 5 hours of sleep each night for years hehe until I realised oh whieee I’m not 18/22 anymore.  This year I improved to about average 7 hours.  Let’s see if I could do with 8, eh?

-          Recycle properly. I started with paper products and plastics (I have separate bags for them), now let’s extend to food leftovers and glass?

-          Garbage enzyme. I started my first few batches of this multi-purpose cleanser (household, not my face!) and love the fact that I’m doing a tiny part in saving Mother Earth. The smell can be really yucky depending on what ingredients I use, but heck, my floor is sparkling clean, drainpipes are smooth and my plants are healthy. Free of charge!

-          Less clutter pls! I’m a hoarder by nature, I love keeping stuffs – pretty jars, boxes, knick knacks, books, magazines, clothes, wrapping papers, I’ll stop here – you get the idea yes? Tiny secret: I started reading Cleo Malaysia back I n 1997.. and up until early this year – I KEPT EVERY SINGLE ISSUE OF IT (did I mention that I also read Women’s Weekly, Female, Cosmo, Glamour, Shape… ok I’ll stop here too.) My 3 rooms apartment; NONE of the rooms are without books and mags. I make it a point to keep only the current 2 years. Only God knew how much heartache I suffered when I sold them off lol. The lady at the recycling centre thought I was mental….

-          Eat healthier. I’m not a diet person, I don’t fancy exercise but I do know as the clock ticks by, my metabolism is one tiny bit slower. So continue with more veggies and fruits and less lard pls. Just less McDonalds and gang.. (I will miss you, Sausage McMuffin!)

-          Be consistent in my yoga practice. Since I cannot run more than 2 minutes without panting for dear life – I rely on yoga (and pilates) to fit into my skinny jeans. Just sometimes the yoga I do is Meditating in Corpse Position…. Heeee.

-          Brush up my French. I stopped at Intermediate level because I changed role at work and it has all been projects project and nothing but projects. Bof! Time to pick it up before my French teacher smacks me :P

-          Oh here comes the La La Land Resolution:
Spend less on beauty products. I assure you this is one resolution I’ll fail, for sure. But then, some resolutions are meant to be broken, so the next year you won’t run out of ideas, yeh? If I keep all the above and just break this tiny one, ain’t too bad doncha think? (Mentally screwed) :P

I really shouldn’t buy anymore of these:
-          Body scrubs. I have 7, currently using 3.
-          Hand creams. I have 17 new ones, and another 8 scattered in my bag, office, etc.
-          Body butter. I have 17 new ones, and another 6 scattered.
-          Shower gels. I have 13 new ones, currently using 4.

Ok, stock checking is a bad bad bad idea. Basically no more skincare, makeup, clothes. IF there is a long term curfew imposed, I’ll be able to survive for ages without running out of these items.

I’ll just post up reviews one by one, yeh?

But hah! As if I can stop buying… (now you know why this is a La La Land Resolution).
Pls just shove this list to my face when I get the itch…
I should probably start a Reversed-Resolution list :D

So what are your resolutions dearies?

Now that’s a lengthy one! I shall stop blabbing and continue clearing some clutter.
Then I’m off to my Anniversary Dinner. Today marks my 2 year relationship with The Boyfriend :)

Resolutions start now, pronto pronto!

Post Xmas Joys  

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Working on the last week of the year for most ppl is generally annoying.
For me, it has its perks!

1- Came back and found a lil gift on my desk from The Boss. Chocolates.. yummm.

2- Nothing much to do. Just very light follow ups etc.
3- Very peaceful. Not many are around this time.
4- Ample carparks. I park just right in front of my entrance.
5- This is the best - I work half day only, daily. Lol.

So by noon, I'm back home and taking my sweet time slow-cooking some healthy soup for dinner, updating blogs which are long overdue, sipping tea (its Gui Hua tea today), mini "make-overing" my room and watch the world goes by.

Over the past two weeks, I went to a couple of warehouse sales.
Not as huge as the ones in KL, but okay-ish.

Loreal Warehouse Sale
Guess who "officiate" the shopping basket first? Hahaha The Boyfriend!! I was surprised to find the Loreal Men Expert set in the basket. He who used to be a soap and water guy lol is now a vain pot :P Mind you he kinda like this (he got one back in July's warehouse sale) and now this is even cheaper (comes with facial wash too).

Some of the stuffs I got are:
- Maybelline Turbo Boost Mascara (Another!? Yeah.. hands itchy) RM15

- Maybelline Eyestudio Palette in Winter Iris RM15

- Loreal Cashmere Milk Makeup Remover (I'm currently using Elixir Concentrate and liking it, so giving Cashmere Milk a try now) Don't remember how much RM10/RM15

- Loreal Derma Genesis Toner RM10. I use toners like theres no tomorrow..
- Garnier Light Dark Spot Corrector RM10

- Loreal White Perfect Zooming Spot Corrector RM20 (?)  Hmm I am recently obsessed in getting rid of a tiny weeny dark spot on my cheekbone..
- Maybelline Angelfit Liquid Foundation RM20 (?)
- Loreal Derma Genesis Set RM60

 The was a small section for Vichy. Only a few items though:
- Liftactiv Pro Night: Detoxifying Anti Wrinkle & Firming Care (6x15ml - RM60)

- Liftactiv Pro: Pro Fibre Anti Wrinkle & Firming Care (2x50ml - RM60)
I've never seen this at Guardian/Watsons before, and was told these are new products. Over the recent weekend I saw these two at Guardian, and yes, labelled "NEW". Priced at RM130 for 50ml.. ooh la la. Thank my itchy hands.

- Another was for slimming (don't know the name coz I didn't buy it)
Its time I start using anti aging creams, eh? *excuses to buy*

There were many other makeup items - tons of mascaras, lipsticks, eye shadows, liners but I skipped.

Too many already *guilty* 

Also Loreal Elseve shampoos, conditioner and masks are really affordable. RM14 for the shampoos and RM10 for the mask! I didn't get any as I prefer Redken Body Full and bynature shampoos (got these from Bangkok); and I use hair mask like super slowwwww.

Metrojaya Warehouse Sale
Pretty good deals I'd say. Average about 50-80% for clothing, lingeries, handbags. Heads everywhere. Oh, random thought - where are all the well endowed women?! Walked past the lingerie section and all that were left are big sizes? *puzzled* Are there really that many small chested girls here? Heee forget abt it eh, just one of my random silly tots.

I skipped all the clothes and handbags coz I'll be heading to Bangkok soon :)
I did make a small damage with Elizabeth Arden though. Took home with me:

- EA Good Morning Skin Serum RM55
- EA Sheer White Restoring Night Cream RM62

I've started using them so I'll do a proper review soon eh.


* I forgot where I download those pictures sigh, lemme just do a search..

Noble Sensation Aromatherapy Rose Oxygen Element Soft Mask  

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Are ppl getting long winded these days? Trend or what. Such long name - what a turn off!

I was introduced to this mask by Sasa's SA during one of my random trips there.

Being a sucker for masks, I had the itch to take it home with me, and RM14.85 for 2 just gave me more reason in doing so!

Noble Sensation says:
Aromatherapy Soft Mask Series is formulated with multi natural aromatic botanical essence, collagen, elastin, fibrin etc. It penetrates deeply into the skin and provides it with the necessary moisture and nutrient. The skin is sterilized and nourished with less visible wrinkles and a whiter healthy look. Extract will restore natural moisturizer and elasticity of the skin

Rose: Can refresh the mind, improve attention and persistence, enhance the self-confidence, make users confident and happy, as well as promote the firmness of connective tissue, fade wrinkles, whiten skin and remove spots, powerfully nourish skin, help you resiste depression and sadness.

Ingredients: Rose extract, sodium alginate, corn starch

Foxy Thinks:
Such HUGE claim! And Foxy DISAGREE, huff!

First off, the packaging is not bad (ok I was "a little" attracted to the packaging)

Inside the package were 2 sachets - 1 consist of powder, and another the essence.

So I'm supposed to mix them until I get a sticky consistency and apply it to my face, let it dry and strip it off my face.

I don't like the mixing part, cause the powder tends to bubble up, but thats not my major grit.

The scent was ok, smelled of rose, not really fake rose, not really pure either. Just tolerable sweet-ish smell.

There were 25gm/ml each so thats a big amount, and seeing I was supposed to "strip" it off my face, I'd assume this mask would turn rubbery when dry.

Wrong! It dried up to a clay consistency.
And you can strip clay off yr face, can you?

It did tightened super temporarily- because when you  wash it off you either have to rub it off vigorously; or patiently wet it with water again, and gently wipe off with a wash cloth (so what tightening!?) I did both, in the exact sequence.

So lets see:
Less visible wrinkles: How is this possible when it is so dang dang hard to wash it off?
Improve persistence: Hell yeah, desperate to get it off my face :(
Make users happy: NO
Resist depression: Are you kidding me... 

This is quite a double turn off for me.. I'm not looking forward to use another one. If I do use it, its gonna be the wet it and wipe off method.


Cute Mugs Calling My Name..  

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... the excuses I gave myself to shop!

This is just way too cute to give it a pass. The 10% discount isn't helping either (RM13.90 each before disc).

There are 4 designs - another in blue, green and yellow. I bought the pink one to match my pink laptop! (the other 3 coming soon, dare I say!)

~*Heart*~ :D

Now, green tea, rose tea or hot choc? ;)

Merry Jingle Bells!  

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Hello Darlings

Just a short note to wish you all a Happy Christmas!
May you always be surrounded by love and happiness :)

Have lots of fun with family, friends and loved ones!

Stay safe, and beautiful,

Dec 09 Giveaways  

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Ahh so Xmas is near, and many more generous bloggers are hosting giveaways.
Good luck you and me :D

Indulgent Diva's giveaway here:

 Steevie's Giveaway here:

Love of Makeup's Giveaway here:

Jurlique Daily Exfoliating Cream  

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At one glance:
-          40ml
-          Made in Australia

Jurlique says:
A daily non-granular exfoliating cream, rich in oats, almonds and honey to loosen and lift away dead skin cells. Leaves the skin deeply cleansed, smooth and radiant.

Apply a generous amount of Daily Exfoliating Cream to wet hands and form a smooth paste. Apply paste to the face in a press-release motion, avoiding eye area. Rinse well with warm water.

Foxy says:
I love this stuff! I find this gentle enough for daily use.
However I like to rub it lightly instead of press-release motion (don’t think it does anything this way).

The consistency is of thick-ish oat paste. Smells like sweet yummy tomatoes to me, and washes off easily. But need to rinse well as some oat bits tend to stick around at the hairline / brows.

Makes my skin smoother and brighter (temporary till the next morning?)

I’ve been using this 40ml tube for about 3 months (4-5 times a week) and there are still about 20% left.

I got this when I sign up for a facial package with Jurlique. Don’t remember the price – gotta dig some old receipts / photos first (yep I have the habit of photographing everything I bought – itchy. My bf went WTF when I told him I’ve just burnt 4GB of photos into a DVD lol)
*sheepish grins*

*Update: Price is RM210

Estee Lauder Optimizer Pore Minimizing Boosting Lotion  

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Such a long name!
What attracted me to this was the "Pore Minimizing" feature. Yes I know we cannot change the size, but nevertheless each time I came across products like this I can't help but to day dream visualizing pore-less complexion!

No I didn't buy the full size product, hee hee. I got two mid size samples from some GWP. And I have finally finished both of them. Time for a review!

Colour:   White
Texture: Runny, gel-like consistency
Smell:     Like fresh forest (each time I pat this on, forest came into my mind)
Size:       125ml, I think.
Price:      Hmm not that I remember, but somewhere $140?

Estee Lauder says:
Infuse your skin with refreshing hydration while you enhance the benefits of Idealist Pore Minimizing Repair Serum. This silky-translucent Optimizer includes purified Black Bamboo Extract. Found in China, Black Bamboo is known as a potent natural anti-irritant. It works to keep skin calm so it can focus on looking its best.

It leaves skin refreshed, hydrated, luminous and more refined.

Foxy says:
After weeks of using this I don't find my pores were minimized (kinda expected)
But it did hydrates my skin, and it feels fresh when patted on.

I find this a so so toner.
I don't think I'll purchase this though..

Watsons Cucumber Facial Mask  

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Watsons Cucumber Facial Mask

-          Function: Firming & Moisturising
-          Made in Korea
-          Price: I remember it was around $25.90 for a box of 5. Right now Watsons is having an Xmas promo of 2 packs for $36.75

Last week or so, I was sick for a few days. Throbbing headache and runny nose a la leaking water pipe. Needless to say, my skin suffered too of course. Dull, blotchy and dry – ughh.

So I randomly picked a mask from my “This Week’s Use” drawer. Yes I have such drawer hehe. Each week I’ll select a few items from my Beauty Safe into the TWU drawer because it’s just too much hassle rummaging thru my collection.

So the lucky mask was Watsons Cucumber Facial Mask! I heard the mask gulped. I’m supposed to make her skin calmed down from the blotchiness and give it a moisture boost? Why me why now?!?

Too late to escape Cucumber Mask! Muahahhahah tore off the packaging and….

Smell: Took one whiff and the word “green” and “fresh” came into my mind. A little similar to the smell of freshly cut grass. Hmm relaxing… my nose likey.

Took a quick nap and 40mins later, my face was:

-          A LOT LESS blotchy. I think it’s the cucumber calming effect.
-          Nicely moisturized. Skin looked plumped up. And the sheet mask is still wet. Enough to wipe over my neck, arms and legs.

I don’t know if it really firms up my skin though. Didn’t notice much of a firming effect.
But overall this mask is a relaxing one with great calming and hydration effect; I think I’d pop it into the fridge next time round.

I’ll only re-purchase when it is on sale. ;)

More Mascaras!  

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I went shopping again hee hee..
Another 2 mascaras I own! How many already now..?

Rimmel Glam Eyes (NP$32.) & Extra Super Lash with curved  brush (NP$27.90).
Oui... now I have another brown mascara.
Each is $23 after discount.

And, Elianto nail polish in Silky Brown is selling for only $1.
Only from 27th Nov - 10th Dec. Coming up next is Twilight Zone..

I usually need 2 coats to get a nice shiny nails.
Lets see if I can take some pics..

Mint Julep To The Rescue!  

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I tell you, they are evil and have minds of their own!
They know I have a Service Award dinner tomorrow, and voila, they pop up on my chin - meet Mr Pimple!
Dang, I ran out of tumeric powder for a quick detox mask...

So my next best option - Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask.

I don't use this often because:
- It not easily available in Malaysia (boo)
- I got a small tube of 56g for $19 (USD5.40)! Holy.. that is a rip off! Walgreens sometimes has BOGO at USD3 for 226g!

I love it because:
- It really helps to clear off those nasties quick
- It doesn't leave me red patches, nor stings
- My nose don't hate it, minty like chewing gum :)
- It doesn't harden much when it dries.
- The cooling feeling stays.. mmm soothing...
- Spreads easily, soft texture but not runny
- I wish I can say because its cheap (it really is in the US) but... :(

Anyway, I'm hoping the red pop would pack and go by the time I wake up tomorrow.
Maybe I'll pat on some "bedak sejuk" on it.. nyehahahahah

Lipstick Frenzy  

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** I changed my Editor to the upgraded version but somehow my pics look screwed, any idea what went wrong? :S **

A bowl of delicious hokkien mee with roasted pork and stewed chicken feet fuelled my energy for my shopping trip at Guardian.

I’ve decided that I need a good browse and the branch at AutoCity is the best – the outlet is big! However, nothing in particular caught my interest in the first 15 mins. Shower gels, skin lotions, skincare, mask (!!) – nada *gasp*… my cart was still empty and The Boyfriend was really tempted to buy lottery.

I don’t get it as well… why wasn’t I chucking stuffs into my cart?

… until I spotted Maybelline’s shelves. *Hmm mebbe I want those mascaras, I see red tags*. Ooh, on sale at $19.88 and $27.88 for Volume Express Hyper Curl and Volume Express Hyper Curl Cat Eyes. Ok chucked both in…

I’ve read both good and bad reviews about both mascaras, but the thing with me is.. ANY mascara out there work just as good.. I rarely get clumps or smudges. Even Daiso’s at $5 lasts me whole day with great looking lashes.. (hmm my lashes are naturally on the mid-longish side, and not the stick pointing down type, so mebbe that’s why?) Both were manufactured like 2 months ago – which is good news.. I wouldn’t mind stocking up some. I got both in black as the brown ones were manufactured back in 2008.

Ahhhh now that was warming up.

Hands started to land on eye palettes (I don’t use much eye color on weekdays, but I love buying them for God-knows-why) I like those shades from Maybelline EyeStudio Quad Eyeshadow, but when I swatched – THEY ARE SOOOO SHIMERRY!! Me dun like looking like a disco ball… the affair ended there and then. Maybe next time eh?

Next to Maybelline was a cosmetics range by the name of Uptown Visions. I’ve previously bought their Finishing Blusher in “Mystere” – somewhat dusty pink shade. It comes with a small brush which I find rather blehh, don’t bother with it. However, the color is lovely. Gives me a healthy glow. Picks up color rather well. And the best part was I paid only $8 for it.

But now.. even better! Any two items for $8.88. I see finishing powder, blusher, foundation, lip gloss, lip stick, eye shadows, eye pencil, lip pencil, and nail color. Allowed to mix and match. A lip stick for $4.44? No kidding, their color selections are amazing.. Even with almost half on the shelve gone, I had a hard time choosing. I want them all...

I picked up:
- All Over Shimmer in Sparklin’ Pink (didn’t look pink to me)
- Twin Eye Shadow in Sparkling Intensity (love the teal-greenish shade)
- 10 shades of lipsticks:-

#1 Accents
#2 Bronzer
#3 Violet Frost
#10 Raisins
#16 Dusty Rose
#17 Spanish Red
#21 Juicy
#23 Champagne
#27 Pink Parfait
#36 Wicked

Ahh that’s a whole lot of cosmetics at one go.. I’m 5 stamps away in redeeming a Big Headz toy from Guardian hehehe. This visit alone earned me 18 stamps whoopeeee..


What better way to calm down an excited soul than popping into Starbucks for some Brambleberry Juice and flipping thru the latest copy of Cleo mag?

I love this juice-tea from Starbucks for its tartness in taste. Not too sour, not overly sweet. Just nice.. the cinnamon smell is so calming..

An infusion of (water, hibiscus, cinnamon, peppermint, lemongrass, rosehips, orange peel, and natural lemon essence), cane sugar, concentrated apple and marion blackberry juices, natural flavors, and citric acid.


Oh that’s not all.. I went back home for a short rest, snapping pictures while The Boyfriend watched Pandorum (it’s a lousy low cost movie me thinks, but he digs zombie, man eating type of movie eww).

Shortly after we headed to the mall… had a quick dinner, and then I continue my shopping spree hehe. Attacked the mag store, bought Dec issue of:

- Her World (I rarely read this but I wanna see what are the goodies for Xmas, & it comes with a free eco-friendly dishwashing liquid lol).

- New Tide (Chinese, I cant read Chinese.. but I want the O2 Sheet mask and Nutox serum hehehehe who doesn’t like freebies?)

- Malaysian Women Weekly (hmm this issue you get a packet of Horlicks Lite which I find so so only)


I kept telling myself I just wanna look-see at Etude… lol what a liar..

20% off for cosmetics, 30% for skincare, 40% for accessories, and 50% for BB Creams and Primer. If I don’t buy ANYTHING The Boyfriend would really have strike the lottery :D

I only picked up 3 brushes:

- Blush Contour Brush
- Dual Fibre Cheek Brush (glow)
- Powder Brush

And a stamper (for nail) – what is it called? (I'm so outdated lol)

No masks this round coz I really have too many already sigh. (As I type this, I just got an email from Sasa that some masks that I wanted is now available. Merde! Wrong timing… My Bangkok trip is about a month away.. No more buying arrghhh..)

The End.. Hahaha.

Nov 09 Giveaways  

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Sleek is an UK brand that I've not tried before.. would love one! :)


Viva Woman's Giveaway:
Whopeee that's a whole lot of goodies~! Me wants!!


Voyageur's Giveaway:
Love the neat layout of her blog :)


Check the Barry M yummies..


*Fingers crossed*

Woohoo Sleek Cosmetics!

Eve (xLovely MakeupX)'s Giveaway:
Lush Soaps!!!


I'm in Love...  

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... with this charm from Diamond & Platinum!

Last year it was their lovely Love Angel that caught my heart; and I got it as my birthday gift this year :) (thank you Darling!)
And now.. a Tinkerbell look-a-like...
So dainty...
So pretty...
So tugging my heart....
Why do they have to tempt me with all the lovelies each Xmas?
'Tis no season to be spending!! >_< ~la la la lala, la la la la....