Use Them Up Feb 13 Wk 4  

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Was clearing my skincare and makeups and decided I really have too much stuffs. Need to get rid of the clutter.
So here are some stuffs that I plan to use the following week.  Most of these are at their last quarter of content, so then I would be able to rid them for some space..
- Oriental Princess Vitamin C Serum (night)
- Oriental Princess Vitamin C Eye Essence
- Deary Q10 Lip Balm
- Nature Republic Whitening Ampoule (day)
The other two behind is actually Naruko Narcissus Serum and Loreal Youth Code PreEssence (newly opened Naruko serum, and re-bottled because I hate the Youth Code dropper)

Been really lazy with makeup ever since... ages!
I'd be sad to see the Goowonsesang BB Cream gone but space, I need the space. This BB Cream is one that matches my skintone. So even if I rush madly I know I won't look like a geisha once I entered my office.
Biore sunscreen.. hmm gives me the evil white cast.. would be gone if I take some time to blend. But I'm sleep deprived, so that is how this sunscreen was abandoned so long.
Esprique Moisturising Base. In short, use before expiry. Do.Not.Waste.
NYX Blush and Palgantong Powder - these are new :)
Lets see how dedicated am I in really using up products.

Wake Up Lazy!  

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Getting woken up to on a weekend isn't exactly the nicest feeling in the world. But when I was woken up by the DHL delivery guy, I was all excited and rushed to the parcel :P
After hesitating for about an year, I finally pulled the plug and placed an order for the Olay ProX Cleansing System brush. :D Knowing myself I would never spend RM500-RM890 for a Clarisonic.
For about 6-7 years now, I've been using one from Watsons. It is also battery operated and I love how after each use, it facilitates the removal of whiteheads. The heads would be visible and halfway out, so all I had to do was use a cotton swab to remove. No need to pinch!
Sadly Watsons doesn't carry this anymore. And the brush head is almost dead by now. So that is why I had to look for another..
This came pretty fast, about 5 days. Neatly packed and nothing was dented.
Unlike the many reviews I've read, it wasn't difficult to remove the battery cap at all.
A closer look.
I've since used this twice, and really liking it much. It gives me the feeling of after using a muslin cloth + face scrub. Sans the redness. I like grainy scrubs, but they usually makes my skin red a little. The brush feels soft, so suitable for sensitive skin too.
My cheeks area looks clearer, but I think it is too early to tell. My goal is to see reduction of blackheads on my nose haha.
Had I tried to wake up early and went for a jog thenn breakfast, I would have missed this baby. Sleeping in is great after all.. ;)

Morgan's Royal Rose Trio Moisture Burst  

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Morgan Says:
Morgan's Royal Rose Trio Moisture Burst is a light gel with a triple-action formula that offers extended protection and hydration while providing the skin with a beautiful appearance.

This innovative formula includes Rosa Damascena, Rosa Alba and Rosa Centifolia that adapt to all skin tones to neutralize the appearance of skin imperfections and provide a glowing and healthy complexion.

This exceptional moisture burst also contains ERF (Extreme Repair Factor), a powerful anti-wrinkle element, that effectively diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and provides skin cell renewal that improves skin clarity and creates a brighter complexion.
Foxy Frangipani Says:
Scent: Rose scented
Nett Wt: 45ml
Made in: England
Texture: Gel

I got this in Taiwan at one of their beauty drugstore. This cost me about less than NTD 300 and seems kinda promising.

The rose scent is nice, not overpowering. The gel texture seems ok. But once applied it feels soooo sticky! :( Dislike! Really I tried a few attempts to like this but the stickiness puts me off. Worse when applied to my neck and with the hot and humid weather it makes me yearn for shower. (Yep this is one of the crappy day creams I mentioned earlier).

I'm also not keen to use this for night, so I gotta think of a way to avoid binning this. Such a waste to do that :( Hmm.. perhaps a treat as in-shower mask? While I work on that hair mask and body scrub..

Lipist Collagen Lip Gloss  

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Foxy Frangipani Says:
Scent: n/a
Nett Wt: 10ml
Texture: Clear gel
Made in: Taiwan
Price: RM5

I got this from Daiso, RM5 for a lip gloss seems reasonable.
This has a thick serumy feel; but spreads easily and does sink in. It made my lips look glossy, fuller and feel moist.

However it is not long lasting. I like this for nightly treatment. Slather on generous layer just before hitting bed.
May not be tempted for repurchase but definitely a great choice for travels.  

Snake Brand Prickly Heat Cooling Powder - Lavender  

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Every year on my annual Bangkok trip, the first night after dinner at MBK Id head straight to the supermarket. I'd then take my time scrutinizing the toiletries aisles trying to spot some new interesting items (those that cannot be found in Malaysia).

On of the item I'd always look out for is Snake Brand Cooling Powder. I got a smaller one (Orignal) previously and love it. So take a guess when I saw this:
Scent: Strong lavender
Nett Wt: 300gm
Made in: Thailand
Price: Less than 100 Baht 
Like all the Snake Brand Cooling Powder, this one; once applied feels nice and cooling. Gives me the ahh so comfy dry feel. But this scent is a wee bit too strong it can be choke-ish. Not the typical lavender scent. 
Usually once I applied this on, I don't need perfume anymore because the scent last me all day. But because this lavender one is abit chokish, I don't wear this to work. Reserved for hot nights only. The scent doesn't make me awake (not the strong wake up!!! type). Since I don't really favour the scent it is gonna take me a long time to finish this up..
...Maybe I could do something to The Husband's sports shoes? :P

Guardian Haul  

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My collective haul from Guardian - last Christmas 2012.

The first batch - after much drooling at the catalogue and planning. The Live-Well supplements are so worth the price. Second set at 50% off. So one for mom and another for myself. Lately my kneecaps aren't feeling that great.
Palmers! Look at those new range of lotions. The gel type I've already reviewed. Love. But I saw another with SPF15 recently. Haven't got that yet. And the Loreal Youth Code - I have been using it for 2 months + by now.
Bottom left are all freebies. I was eager to try the Palmers Facial Serum, all the outlets I went to didn't have it! :(
Untill New Year's Day when I was casually browsing, Guardian happens to have the offer for vouchers again. The Husband as usual will spend on supplements, so we got the Zinc tablets.
And more Palmers freebies yay! And lucky I waited, because My Beauty Diary cleansers were on Buy 1 Free 1.
Oh and surprise! Guardian gave me Loreal Brush which I am currently using.
Finally (Finally? Really?) from the second haul, we had some vouchers to spend. One thing I dislike is that the vouchers only last a week. So we had to think what to buy (??!?)
Nivea's new range of course. They smell so fresh I really wanted to try myself if I agree with all the raves. I hope I'll like the day cream (after Naruko) because I've been using some crappy ones but didn't want to waste; but I might just use them up on my legs instead.

Coming Soon..  

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I can't wait to start using the Naruko Narcissus collection. Hopefully I like the day lotion this time.. been disappointed with a few day creams lately.

Stain Sticks, Growing My Collection  

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The Husband forgot to pack his shaver back, so we took a trip to the drugstore. And I think its a sign to cheer myself up.. (I'm homesick sobs. Its CNY and I'm not at my "own" home).
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable BalmStain is selling at RM26+ what a steal yeah! No I didn't grab all. I managed to refrain and picked only 1. I know I'm supposed to watch my spending this year.
After all I've decided that this snake year is using up products year ;)
I picked 001 Honey a mild pink shade. I am not comfy wearing bolds so this would do nicely.
And Nivea deo as backup. Actually we wanted to meet the RM50 limit for voucher lol. I've recently came to accept roll-on deo. I used to only like anti perspirant but with the negatives about them... I've converted.
These deos are fine. I used to shun them for being sticky and takes ages to dry. Now.. I found a workaround in my routine so iy dries ok.
Happy Chinese New Year to all.  Have a great festive season with loved ones and may you be showered with love, health and prosperity :)