AMPM Skin Ecological Indoor Defense Cream  

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Together with the Skin Ecological Complex, I bought these on BOGO too. But I don't remember how much. I've used up both (all 4) by now, and time to get rid of the bottles and tubes. Spring cleaning- yet again!

These IDC come in a toothpaste like tube, each 30g.
It is slightly yellow in color, and feels like thick yogurt. When applied after the SEC, it absorbed almost immediately and skin felt matte. It is softly scented, I don't find it annoying my nose at all.

I find this having a great oil control function - because when paired with SEC - my skin was constantly in great condition. No mid day oiliness, end of day fatigue, signs of exhaustion. Just nice and matte. :D

This is also the reason why I've been complaining of the lack of a suitable day cream, after this one finished. (but I might have found a near replacement hehe). 

Definitely looking to repurchase this soon.

AMPM Skin Ecological Complex  

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Nett Wt: 30ml
Price: In the RM20+ range (I bought these at a discounted price + BOGO)

These were one of the best buys from my Taiwan trip. The texture of the serum is watery but when applied did not appear whitish. They absorb beautifully without the slimy feel.

I find these rather similar to Dermalogica Booster. But of course, at a much cheaper price. My skin tends to look healthy and supple when I apply this, sans redness which I'm prone to. 

I'm hoping to repurchase this soon.

Travel Essentials - Beauty  

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After numerous trips (either out of town, or overseas); I've come to a conclusion on my beauty travel essentials.

* Almost 99% of the time I'd be dammed lazy to go through the entire routine. Usually I'd be out all day with lots of walking and would come back very late at night. I won't even wanna shower but that's non-negotiable.

* Of course when I pack for the trip I'd do the complete routine including makeup and all. But most of the time I couldn't even be bothered with foundation.

* I would however cleanse properly. Double cleanse. Scrub and masks; if any means I'm extra diligent. I occasionally will use sheet mask (when I will up myself to lie still and not busy taking pics of my loot). My multiple findings are scrub is a must too if the stay is longer than 4 days.

* Next a moisturising toner. Eye cream and then serum and moisturiser.  Because sleeping with air conditioning zaps my skin dry. For longer trip I'd pack sleeping mask.

For my recent 3 days trip here are the items I actually reached for.. consistently.

= cotton pads and ear buds. Useful to exfoliate with toner. You do clean your ears right?

= hair leave in conditioner. My long hair is giving me the ÷=£₩/_£@$ if I don't use something to condition. This is a repeated purchase. My long hair don't PMS on me when I spritz this on.

= lip balm. Well same like for skin. I can't stand tight dry lips.

= eye cream. Sachet sample is best and most convenient.

= serum and moisturiser. Same as eye cream.

= scissors. To cut those sachets. I hate to tear with hand as it would look disfigured (crazy).

= perfume. Alot of walking means potential body odour. Keep fresh and smell nice.

= panty liner. Hehehe I pack alot of these as I need to feel dry and fresh on the go.

However I do need to amp up on diligence in using sunscreen and some sheer foundation. After all I do wanna look good in pics! :)