Redeem It! Estee Lauder Cyber White Ex  

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Read newspapers?
Got The Star on Saturday 26th June? 

Cut it out and head to your nearest Estee Lauder counter. I've got the serum and moisturizer samples. I've previously tried the lotion moisturizer (not bad), now getting the cream version to sample.

Cheers :)

Purederm Red Ginseng Essence Mask  

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To stop me from procrastinating further, here is a quick review of Purederm Ginseng Mask ;)

Pretty packaging, right?
 Purederm Says:

* Skin recovery “Bottle shaped” sheet type essence mask.   
* 100% Natural pulp sheet prevents skin trouble and provides close adhesion   to skin.
* Panax Ginseng Extract protects skin and increases elasticity. 
* Vitamin E & Collagen: age defying & brightening.

Blended with Korean Red Ginseng, Vitamin E and Collagen to revitalize your tired skin.
Skin feels elastic, moisturized and radiant.

Foxy Says:
Mmmm I quite like this mask. The amount of essence is just nice, non drippy.
The texture of the mask sheet is very soft and thin, but not to the extend you could rip it apart.
Scent: Ginseng! The moment I tore the packaging, strong ginseng smell filled my room, and not the fake-ish smell. I love ginseng and felt relaxed having this mask on :)

Price: Hmm I think RM5.90? I bought it for RM4.90 when it was on sale @ Watsons

I don't know how much of essence is in one pack.. it wasn't stated on the packaging. (or my eyes playing tricks on me??) Anyhow, it was enough - I had it on for over an hour. 

Haha yep, I don't like to be interrupted while I read ( washing off mask inclusive :P ) With the fan on, after an hour, the sheet was still kinda moist.

After the ginseng therapy:
- My skin is nicely hydrated. Superficial fine lines were gone (temporary till office next day)
- Visible brightening effect.

Would I buy this again.. yes only if they are on sale ;)

Redeem It! - Airellis Moisture Power Serum  

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Psssttt! Remember I wrote about this here?
Guess what? The redemption is back on, but this time you're required to exchange it with 2 empty skincare containers.

Pretty good deal eh? :)

This serum is worth RM149 (this is member price). I dont know what are the member's benefit, but apparently if you purchase a few items you are entitled to a membership.

I was pretty happy with my first bottle, so this time I gave it to Mom.

Here is the Price List of Airellies' products:
* Gentle Eye & Lip Make-up Remover RM89
* Refreshing Cleansing Gel RM69
* Gentle Cleansing Milk RM79

* Hydra Fluid (toner) RM89
* Hydra Light Lotion RM69
* Hydra Smooth Cream RM99
* Age Defence Lifting Cream RM259

* Moisture Power Serum RM149
* Desensitizing Skin Serum RM169
* Age Defence Lifting Serum RM199

* Bio Whitening Scrub RM109
* Hydra Whitening Masque RM129
* Age Defence Lifting Masque RM199

* Eye Contour Cream RM159
* Sunblock SPF28 RM149

* Clarifying Face Essential Oil RM69
* Desensitizing Face Essential Oil RM69
* Calming Body Essential Oil RM93
* D-Tox Body Essential Oil RM93

Hmmmm, I notice Airellis' products are pretty similar to Dermalogica's?

L'Occitane Ice Hand Cream Gel & Shea Butter Hand Cream  

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Owh, these days I'm finishing hand creams pretty fast. Here are two that  I'll be bidding goodbye in a short while..

Meet L'Occitane Ice Hand Cream Gel & Shea Butter Hand Cream


I bought these in pack of 6 tubes at the Seoul International Airport. 3 tubes went to Mom, and another 3 with me :)

L'Occitane Says:
Shea Butter:-
A super-smoothing--and best-selling--synergy of 20% Shea Butter, honey and sweet almond extract, blended with the light and alluring aromas of jasmine and ylang-ylang essences. Texturally pleasing balm glides on and absorbs to help heal and protect dry or dehydrated skin. Anti-oxidizing vitamin E helps nourish. Invites even the most hard-working hands to a fresh beginning.

Foxy Says:
Hmm I love that it takes only a few seconds to have the cream fully absorbed!
No oily stains on my keypads! :)

It is really very moisturizing, and passed the "Office Air Cond Test" haha. My hands stayed hydrated for a few hand washes (apprx 2-3 hours) before another application is required.

Nett Wt: 30 ml - easy to carry around
Texture: White, creamy balm
Scent: Sweet, soothing almond. "Elegance" pop into my mind when I use this.
Price: Err I don't remember but I paid USD for this.


L'Occitane Says:
Ice Hand Cream:-
Unique gel turns to a matte, powdery finish, reducing perspiration and swelling sensations. Enriched with organic verbena extract and tapioca powder to soothe and absorb, leaving hands feeling dry and cooled. The aroma of verbena, orange, geranium and lemon tree appeals to men and women.

Foxy Says:
Compare to shea butter, this is much much more lightweight. I don't recommend this for office use - the hydration doesn't really last. Instead I prefer this for an after lunch quickie. 

Its hot hot hot nowadays and I've always had a thing on applying hand creams in the car hehe (make use of the time ok..) Ya know how roasted it feels to get into the car at 12pm... at an open car park?

This hand gel has cooling property so it feels divine upon slathering it on. Relief!

Nett Wt: 30ml
Texture: Gel-cream
Scent: Fresh, citrusy. Me likes!
Price: Err I don't remember but I paid USD for this.

I'm pretty satisfied with these two, would probably re-purchase if on sale :)
I just noticed there is Frangipani Shea!?
Wonder if Malaysia has it.....

Shopping - Naris + Nature & Co  

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Oh boy! This was meant to be posted up a while back ago. Just shows you my procrastination skills eh?

My eyes caught the word "pack"; my brain read "mask"; my hand grabbed it. Its a peel off mask so I won't be using this very often, as kiasu-ism kicks in - I'm worried that all the pulling will loosen up my skin! Haha. Presenting Naris Up Natural Pack Ex Egg!

Next is the Naris Skin Conditioner. There were 3 types- Vit C, Collagen and Hydration (correct me on the 3rd one..) Since I have a tiny brown spot which I really wanna get rid off, I chose Vit C (yellow) which helps to lighten.

Mom who loves collagen based products went for the pink one.
This is meant to be used as a quick mask, just pour into cotton pad; tear into 5 thin pieces and place on the cheeks, forehead, chin and nose. I got it for less than RM30.

Finally, Nature & Co Pure White Lotion (Light). I've held back for quite a while from buying this, but there were just too many raves. Even Kose's BA agree this lotion is great. So..... welcome home baby! :)

Clinique Repairwear Intensive Eye Cream  

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Another Clinique eyes buddy bidded me farewell recently. No heavy hearted I-will-miss-you-alot feelings though. Let's see why:

Clinique says:
Potent anti-aging eye cream focuses skin's energies on repair. Targets the appearance of eye-area lines and wrinkles. Replenishes antioxidants. Strengthens vulnerable skin for a brighter, vibrant, refreshed look. Ophthalmologist Tested. Patent pending.* For all skin types.

Foxy Says:
Ok, I don't have wrinkles to begin with. But I do have some faint lines thanks to staring at the laptop 14 hours a day.

Texture: Yellowish tinted cream, rich
Scent: None :)
Nett Wt: 15 ml
Packaging: in a jar (not a fave, but I use a spatula for all skincare in jars, so am not bothered)
Price: Part of GWP..

Despite the rich antioxidant formula, it did nothing to my fine lines. Not helping in reducing dark circles or puffiness too.

On the brighter side, it did not sting my eyes, no irritation, and most importantly did not give me milia seeds. Very basic in terms of hydration; not good enough to last me over 9 hours in the office.

Hmm I'm not impressed with it. Don't think I'll purchase this.

Let's see how these perform eh:
~ Lancome Renergie Morpholift Yeux R.A.R.E Lifting & Firming Eye Serum
~ Lancome Renergie Morpholift Yeux R.A.R.E Repositioning Eye Cream
~ Pure Beauty Pomegranate Antioxidant Eye Cream