Marie Claire Malaysia - April 2011  

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Came across this by chance - what a great deal!

Free Burt's Bees Lipbalm with every purchase of Marie Claire Malaysia, April edition. I know for a fact the lipbalm cost RM18 - I'm using one now, and loving it. Mine is the Sun Protecting Lip Balm with Passionfruit :)

I got mine from

Haul: The Body Shop  

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I paid The Body Shop a visit before my Bangkok trip, and swatched their blushers. Kinda like it. Then tested their blush brush. Kinda like it too. Then was told that they're launching the Moisture Shiso BB Cream on the 28th. Swatched and also like the texture.. kinda match my tone (on hand).

The ultimate news? My points are expiring end of this month...

Whatta motivation to shop? (this after coming back from Bangkok! - still working on those pictures.. came back and have been sick for a week ugh)

- Moisture White Shiso BB Cream NP RM70, promo price RM63
- Cheek Color 04 Gold Pink RM49
- Blush Brush NP RM58 - RM20 redeption = RM38

Now I need speedy recovery to start using these! When I'm sick I'm sleep deprived, and I go to work bared-face, hahahhaha. Not pretty!

Double Excitement :D  

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I'm grinning silly as I type this...
Have been grinning since 5 hours ago, now my jaw hurts.

First, I've got my work performance review, and it is fantastic :D
Getting the best rating after my recent promotion gives me a reaaaaally awesome feeling. So all those hard work didn't go to waste :)

Of course, more stuffs to focus on from now on.. Juggling skills is a must have.

And the other, I'm going to Bangkok tomorrow! Yeah, I've just done with packing (last minute - again) and my eyes are yelling for rest now..

I decided to bring some samples with me. Else, I'm never gonna be using them. Plus, they save me some space for my shopping!

Lets see if these perform well for me.. 

See ya next week! :D

Rank Those Oils!  

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Here is a short entry about what I think of the two cleansing oils:

Biore Cleansing Oil
Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Oil

I tried Neutrogena in sample size, and Biore in full, so my assumption in this comparison is:

- both comes in pump

Both Neutrogena and Biore:
- does not sting
- does not cause me breakouts
- does not remove waterproof mascara well.
- does not leave oily film after rinsing


- Biore's scent is easier to accept. By the time I started to like Neutrogena's I was already finising 75% of the content. I remember the first time I used Neutrogena I went - "Holy Cow, the smell is so... strong and "poking" my nose!" :)

- Biore's texture is not as thick. I prefer to have a light massage while cleansing off makeup / sunscreen. So Biore is more feasible. With Neutrogena, I tend to stretch the skin more, unless I add water and emulsify it. But by then it probably wouldn't cleanse as well...

- I tend to rinse longer when I use Neutrogena. Maybe related to its thick texture?

- Biore is considerably cheaper, I think?
I thought I saw Neutrogena's new Cleansing Oil at Guardian.. 2 for RM47 (sale price). But I didn't really compare ml against $$. Cause I have a bottle of Shu Uemura waiting in line hehe. But Biore is probably cheaper.

Hope this helps :)
So if I have to choose a winner, I'd go for Biore :)

Binge Payback..  

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It happens when you unwillingly suppress your desire to spend money, and then fail. That was what happened to me. Sigh...

So I'm flying to Bangkok pretty soon. And I've been really good at staying away from the malls and beauty stores.. Until I saw The Body Shop ad - their new Bio Degradable Shower Gels. And top it off, I clicked on their Facebook page and saw this Women's Day Promo...

I came back with these:

~ Earth Lovers Fig & Rosemary Shower Gel 250ml
~ Earth Lovers Watermelon & Eucalyptus Shower Gel 250ml
= RM29.90 each. I paid RM44.95 using Maybankard :)

Fig & Rosemary
For a fabulous fragrance boost, lather yourself in the gorgeous Fig & Rosemary blend. Treasured for their warm scent, figs have long been celebrated for their rich, sweetness. In Greece the fig tree is dedicated to Priapus, the god of fertility and gardens, and its Greek name - sykê - is the origin of the word sugar. Rich in anti-oxidants, fig extracts are known to help remove dead skin cells, leaving skin soft and silky. Beautifully aromatic, rosemary is a cleansing, stimulating and restorative herb, widely used to tone and improve skin texture. It also has astringent properties, which help to reduce excess oil in skin and hair.

Watermelon & Eucalyptus
Give your skin some love with the unusual, yet perfect, pairing of Watermelon & Eucalyptus. One of nature's best sources of anti-oxidants and rich in vitamins A, B and C, watermelon extract is known to nourish the skin. Not just for koalas, eucalyptus is a well-known stimulating, purifying and cleansing herb. Its leaves and extracts are used to tone, cleanse and help improve tired, dull, mature skin and hair.

~ Moringa Shower Gel 60ml (RM8)
~ Satsuma Body Butter 48gm (RM20)
~ Sweet Lemon Body Butter 48gm (RM20)
= Women's Day promo = RM38

~ DeoDry Dry Effect Deodorant in Cool & Zesty Stick 55gm
= 29.90 each. Promo price RM26.90

Now by month end I need another spend of about RM100 to get a RM20 voucher. Hmmm ya know, I'm eyeing the Illuminating Face Base Apricoy Glow RM53 and Tailored Cheek Tint Hot Pink RM55.

Troubles ahead... oh oh.