October 2010 Giveaways  

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It has been ages since I joined one..

- Jenn @ Beauty Bloggings
I'm liking the Sleek Palette :)


- Renay @ Hunnylovins 
Nice wrislet! And check out those DIY beauty posts :)


Eyeko Face Off Cleansing Wipes  

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Am supposed to post this up like the min I came back from Taiwan... but ya know, my hauls are still lying on the floor after 2 weeks... :D

Earlier this year, I ordered some stuffs from Eyeko and they sent me a couple of these cleansing wipes as GWP. Now usually at home, there is no need for me to use cleansing wipes. Kinda pointless since I'd always double cleanse (even though the evil bed at times tried to entice me to it with makeup on).

So when I packed for my Taiwan trip, I thought it was then or never.
The trip did exhaust my skin to its worst, so I went makeup-less starting Day 4, or 5?

Couldn't find any info on this from Eyeko's site (I wonder why?)
But here are the ingredients:

I had on the Bio Essence BB Cream (ughh I dislike it, will tell you why later), with some pressed powder and blusher. Lipgloss and no mascara.

After like 10 hours, I wiped my face with the cleansing wipe and that was what I got.. hehe not an interesting sight. But that showed it somehow worked, eh?

It was pre-moistened just enough for a proper whole face wipe down.

No signs of stinging, redness and itchiness - brownie points!
Don't remember my nose hating it, so scent wise - its all good too.
Can't really vouch if it gave me breakouts (though I think it was very likely the Bio Essence BB Cream that did it!)

In short, I think this is nice to have, but not a must for ppl like me who insist on proper cleansing every evening.

Lets Get Oily  

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I've been reading about the oil cleansing method, and also how natural oil benefits our skin better than other skincare.

Very tempted to try when I saw women who practice this method have flawless, glowy skin! Soooo... jealous? :P

So I did some reading up, and decided to give it ago..
Wanted to start with sesame oil and castor oil for deep cleansing purpose. But didn't exactly know where to get these from. Went to an indian groceries shop and they don't know what is castor oil.. sigh.

I finally went to the "Indian Street" where there are rows after rows of shops selling spices, groceries, sarees etc. 

And I found these :D 

Yeah, packaging is a little plain boring, but its the content that matters, hee.
Did I mention these are very affordable too? Less that RM3 each!

As I read that Castor Oil could be drying, I ratioed my concoction to 30% Castor Oil and 70% Sesame Oil. Gave it a good shake to mix them up..

Foxy Finds:
- 30-70 ratio is still a little too thick in consistency to massage it onto skin. May want to add a little olive oil..

- Castor oil has a deep strong scent, not too relaxing on certain (mostly) stressfull days. I added a few rosebuds into the glass bottle. :)

- I tried this as a makeup remover, removing Lancome Teint Miracle 03 + blusher. Look at that gunk! Just pat it on, let it sit for a few seconds, swiped it off and whoaaa all the dirts are off..

I didn't think I believe this oil can clean so well.. so I tested with a new clean cotton pad + toner... and did a swipe test..

- Look at thaaaaaat! Nothinzzzz :D

- I'm so sold hahahhaha.

However, I do have another 64215423524 tubes of cleanser in my treasure boxes... so I'm really keen to finish off those tubes and just fully use this all natural method :)

Ok, maybe I'll just use this method at night... so I'm allowed to re-stock some favourite cleansers for day use? :P

Over The Weekend...  

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Yes, its already Wednesday.. heee but I was busy packing for my trip.. still haven't finish :P

Previously I used to complete my packing 2 weeks in advance. This year, all my trips were last minute packing.. I wonder why!

Anyway, these are what attracted me over the weekend:

Whoaaa not another new collection from Crabtree and Evelyn!? I need to save aiiii. But looks very pretty me thinks. Purple hmmm :) Going to redeem my freebie soon, hopefully tomorrow.

Guess what attracted me to this? Yep, purple! Haha then followed by Organic. The have quite a complete range;- toner, lotion, cream, mask. Looks promising, but I won't be buying these for now.

Maybe after my Taiwan trip and/or when I finish up some of my existing products first :)

And then I stumbled upon these (Oh Lord..)

Yes, by now you know.. PURPLE. Whats with me and purple?
I don't know? Just.. very very seductive me thinks..

and as if the above are not enough, here is another one from the morning papers:

With ingredients like Frangipani & Night Blooming Jasmine, together with purple and Tease.. does it not just scream SEXY?!

Sigh dreamily...

Boots Jasmine Rice & Jasmine Body Lotion  

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Body Lotions - my must have beauty item. Nightly ritual before hitting bed - slather on yummy body lotions for well hydrated skin the next morning.

Boots Says:

Whats In It?

Foxy Frangipani Says:

She loves loves loves this! :D
One of the best I've tried so far.

Scent: Sweet, like yummy pandan dessert! A hint of delicious coconut too.
Nett Wt: 400ml
Texture: Creamy white
Price: I think 129 Baht (sometimes they go on BOGO huyahh)
Others: Made in Thailand

If you're into Palm Reading, can you tell I think ALOT? Lol.. too much worries yo..

I have seasonal dry skin especially on my legs. If left without lotion for more than a day - I get scaly skin! Yucks.

This lotion is easy to smooth on; whether on dry or damp skin. I usually use 5 pumps before bedtime - 2 for my arms, and 3 for full legs ;) So I can actually finish this 400ml bottle in about 2 months?

Also, it absorbs very fast, leaving non oily surface so no worries about staining the sheets (I'm very very particular about this).

Each morning I wake up to really hydrated skin, and smells so darn good.
I'm finishing this in no time, so I am hoping this goes on sale again on my next trip to Bangkok :D

Just too bad its not available in Malaysia, sigh!
Boots, when are you coming here!?

Quickie: Another Tug @ My Fragile Heart (Purse)  

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Just when I thought its all peace after my CCD induced buys (Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Nectar and Yves Saint Laurent Love Collection Compact Powder); I got another email from StawberryNet.com.

And I saw this:

Another Shimmer Brick on sale! - Rose

At USD19, I don't think I could resist, arrgghh!
Weaknesses, weaknesses... I'm only human. I happen to lust after blushers / highlighters / bronzers.. Calm down...

Skin Diary: Late Sept - Early Oct  

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Just a quick update on my current skin condition.

I noticed some changes since about 3 weeks back. No drastic change to my lifestyle / diet / sleeping pattern; so I'm wondering why the "phase". I tried skipping my BB cream to see which is the culprit - nope not the BB Cream (I miss you BB Cream!)

- My cheeks and forehead feels dry, tightness after each wash and after lunch-hour heat.

- Some red patches on my cheeks. Looks flushed, but not the nice type of flush, sigh.

- Tiny bumps (white heads) along my jawline.

- Some mild itchiness at the jawline. The spot where it itches feels dry.

- Less mid-day shine. Instead feels kinda tight and itchy.

I have a feeling these started when I switched to the highly raved Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. Funny enough, when I sampled it, I liked it. Now.. I find it rather silicone-y. Ugh and 125ml! 

I leave that to my elbows and shoulders. 

So I again switched, this time to Etude Perfect Balance Finish Lotion. Not moisturizing enough sigh. Still experience the tight feeling. I guess with my previous normal skin condition this lotion would work just nice for me. Not too oily, just enough moisture and shine control.

Unfortunately for now, I think I'd better change to something richer till those dry patches subside. Or amp up my moisturizing serum. I previously used Clinique Turnaround Concentrate with DDML. 

Time for a skin detox.

Another Gulp...  

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Guess what... my Compulsive Clicking Disorder caused me another purchase (damage).

Yves Saint Laurent Love Collection Compact Powder for USD21 :)

Lovely isn't it? I cannot cannot resist... I wouldn't pay the full price though.. but at USD21, I just had to own this beauty!