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Posted by: Foxy Frangipani

So.. how long was it since my last entry? Just so you know, I'm a lazy blogger (see I'm honest). Oki, here how I find the Pommy Lotions from Estee Lauder: I've only tried the night cream and the day cream (gel type), so here goes. Night cream - I find the texture rich. Will be good for those lucky spoilt brats who sleeps in air conditioned room. Lol, well I don't like the air cond, so slapping on just a modest amount on my face seems ok.. The smell is nice, sort of soothing, but not yummy to the extend you wanna eat it.. (who suggested this?!) A few minutes after, I find it a tad bit sticky-ish. Not exactly my favourite texture, but.. Day cream - same thing. Abit rich compared to Dermalogica's Skin Smoothing Cream. But as a base under the make-up, its quite excellent. Well I was never a fan of too rich-textured creams.. so.. hmmm On to Day 2 and 3, I started to see tiny bumps on my face.. yikes! Pimples... :( Uhmm not major eruptions, just annoying that I'm further scarred (well, possibly!!) I must use mask, I must use mask, I must use mask.. I hoped this is just a detox phase - if this exists at all! However, I do find a hint of rosy glow... first thing in the morning... Now after about a week.. the eruptions have toned down. No I did not skipped them. I still use both, and on weekends, the Sunscreen as well. Ooh, what I like about the SPF50 tube is that it doesn't leave any whitish residues at all...(winner) So I guess I'm gonna give this range some more time to prove their wonders.. Oh and this coming Tuesday, I'm going for a facial using these products. Hope it goes well! Wish me luck ;)

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