Ooh La La - Rouge!!  

Posted by: Foxy Frangipani

I've been reading some reviews about the Idealist Micro D and the new Idealist Refinisher. One of the reviewers wrote about her experience about going all red after using the Micro D. So being the curious cat, I decided to give it a go, haha. I mean, I've been using it for some time, and yeah, my skin did have red patches, but what about leaving it on for about a minute or two? So I did leave it for about 2 mins, then followed by the Refinisher. Uhhmmm lemme tell you this... DON'T YOU DO THIS IF YOU HAVE A DATE THAT NIGHT!! Lolz. I was smart.. It was a stay home night when I tried it. I will never never forget those red patches... OMG, UGLY!! If it stays like that for two days, I'd cry the entire two days and take a sickie.. lol. Skin feels soft (due to the silicone in the Refinisher) but the look of the skin.. NO NO NO. But thankfully, the redness subsided after a few hours. I think the key word here is relax.. just drink lotsa water, breathe, and chill. The next morning, all gone. :) Smoother skin? Kinda. Will I do it again? Of course. I just have to select a day I don't have to go out, not even to get the papers.. Haha..

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