Oooh Too Rich, Baby..  

Posted by: Foxy Frangipani

So its been like 2 months since I started using EL Nutritious. Long enough time to let it settle and see the results yeh? Here goes: Idealist You only need one single pump for the whole face. So the 50ml bottle will probably last you 7-8 months (I'm lookin at once a day, in the morning only - to explain why below). $275 for 8 months is not too bad. Slightly over a dollar daily. I don't find that my pores are 69% smaller (you liar! lol). When you apply the lotion on, it does make my skin feel smooth.. somewhat like satin-like, hence a plus point when applying foundation later (after your moisturiser and sunblock, you know the sequence). And the magic really just end here, coz when you wash your face it goes back to the original.. maybe over time I might see some real results I was hoping for... Nutritious Day Lotion Mmm this is my favourite from the range. Same as above, only one pump for the entire face, you may need extra if you apply it to your neck. It smooths on beautifully on my face, and not greasy at all. But did it gives me a rosy pink healthy complexion? Hmmm I'll rate it about 6 out of 10 maybe( I'm pretty stressed these months... so..) $165 for 50ml, its a not bad buy me thinks :) Nutritious Night Creme Ooh la la, this is rich! I'm not particularly pleased with the texture... a tad bit too rich for my liking. And I do have tiny bumps these days, a sign of too oily? Sigh but good if you sleep in air condition (I don't) so after this $175 50ml jar, I don't think I'll go for seconds... Nutritious UV Protector Ahh this one me likes.. so far of all the sunblocks I've tried on, I like this the most. Doesn't leave any whitish traces.. but the SPF is 50. Thought that is a bit too high ain't it? I prefer this during the weekend though, when I'm out shopping / brunch. $160 for 50ml Ya know.. after all this while, what really pleases me is the Eve Taylor Face Oil #1. I can picked on my face and appear like a girl with measles (touch wood ahem!) and after applying the face oil.. the red patches just dissapear. And I thought my skin looks its best when I was using the oil together with Dermalogica's Skin Smoothing Cream (the downside is that its freaking expensive!!) I'm considering the Gentle Soothing Booster but it will rob me off $203 :( Xmas treat or New Year 2008 treat for myself?

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