Skinfood Black Sesame Hot Mask  

Posted by: Foxy Frangipani

I feel like smackin myself silly. -For not getting the Skinfood Black Sesame Hot Mask way back. How could I not? Its so good! I had a sample that I totally forgot about.. until I check my samples. Didn't know what to expect really.. but upon tearing off the packet, whiff whiff.. Smells like Zi Ma Wu.. the sweet black sesame dessert that momma makes. :) Yummy~! The texture is kinda thick... when I slathered it on my damp face, a warm sensation was there, lasting about 30-40 secs. Gel like with crushed black sesame. Uhmm the warming sensation worry me a little, as I was thinking if I'll go red after washing it off (like Estee Lauder's). So after scrubbing and rinsing it off... whoa.. no patches, just rosy cheeks. Just like blushing. Love it instantly. Will definitely be buying this soon! :)

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