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I went shopping yesterday at Watsons and as usual I took my sweet leisurely time studying the products one by one. And then something caught my attention. I've never seen it before. Looks cute - check price tag - OMG - under $20. Grabbed it and studied more into details.. Be Gorgeous Hand and Nail Cream. Did I tell you I'm an all time sucker for hand creams? Chucked into my shopping cart. The Claim: Be Gorgeous Hand & Nail Cream provides excellent hydration & protection throughout the day to maintain your natural moisture balance for soft & smooth hands. - Contains Royal Jelly (Bee's Milk) My Findings: It is light yellowish color, with subtle fragrance that didn’t choke my nose. Absorbs pretty fast without sticky residues. My laptop keypad loves it! Looked down and spotted Be Gorgeous Body Lotion @ $14.90. Into the shopping cart as well. And then huh? Another tub of Body Butter @ $15.90. No!!! No more... next time pls. The Claim: Be Gorgeous Body Lotion is suitable for all skin types and with its natural nutrients and moisturizers it will give you soft, smooth and younger looking skin. My Findings: Same color, but slightly runnier than the hand cream – sinks into my skin very well. No sticky residues. Good for day use as it doesn’t make me feel oily. More Be Gorgeous product when I came to the bath and shower section. Be Gorgeous Shower Foam and Be Gorgeous Body Scrub. They are priced at $12.90 and $16.90 respectively (if my memory did not fail me). Didn’t get them as I still have a drawer full of shower gels and scrubs *sheepish grin*. The range is made in Thailand exclusively for Watsons. I’m happy with both products :) Update: I found out there are 8 products in the range; from Newswit. I WANT THE LIP BALM!!! Excerpts from Newswit: The ‘Be Gorgeous’ line comprises eight different products for a complete skin pampering: Be Gorgeous Shower Cream (at 99 Baht) Users will experience soft skin after cleansing it with the sweet-scented shower cream enriched with honey and natural royal jelt . Be Gorgeous Bar Soap (at 69 Baht)With the gentle blend of royal jelly, this unique bar soap is perfect for daily shower routine, giving a sense of refreshment and soft healthy skin. Be Gorgeous Body Scrub (at 129 Baht)The scrub is infused with apricot seeds which helps exfoliate dead skin cells to reveal the younger ones underneath. The benefit of royal jelly also gently nourishes the skin and prevents irritation after use. Be Gorgeous Body Lotion (at 99 Baht)It’s a non-greasy lotion formula suitable for all skin types. The lotion combines the nutrients of honey and natural royal jelly for hydrated, smooth and glowing skin. Be Gorgeous Body Butter (at 149 Baht)This intensive nourishing cream consists of natural royal jelly and almond oil which assist in reviving skin cells effectively and at the same time serve as a vigorous skin moisture protection resulting in a younger and smoother look. Be Gorgeous Hand and Nail Cream (at 69 Baht)Natural honey and royal jelly adds moisture for the hands and nails, giving a pleasantly soft touch. Be Gorgeous Lip Balm (at 69 Baht)Luscious lips are possible with this lip balm infused with natural nutrients of honey and royal jelly that will keep lips soft and hydrated. Be Gorgeous Anti-Perspirant Roll-On (at 49 Baht) This alcohol-free roll-on gives users all-day confidence with refreshing scent and natural nutrients.

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