Where Did My $$$ Go To In March?  

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Avon!! I don't know if it was a good idea joining the Avon membership, I kept buying stuffs~! Then again, their products are priced very reasonably, and most of them works. So far have not been disappointed :)

Bad idea once I spotted "mask"....

It gets worse when all you wanted to do at the mall was to have a decent meal.. and after that you walked out only to find a surprise sale! First day of sale... and then there were all those stuffs in pretty packagings and beautiful colors; and as if that wasn't enough, you see tags of "50%", "40%", "30%" everywhere. Geeesshhh..

I usually lunch out, so one fine day while I was getting ready to go out, my colleague sheepishly asked if I would be heading to the mall. She wanted a favour to help her get the Hada Labo lotion.

I said ok, and I came back with 2 bottles. My itchy hands grabbed the whitening one this time. *smack hands* I am loving the moisturizing one, and am curious how well this Arbutin range would work, so here you go..

And a week later, I saw this on sale. RM89.90, but I get 5% rebate for using credit card on a weekend, plus a RM5 cash voucher.

I used the RM5 voucher on the Clean & Clear cleanser (foc toner). Working 12-13 hours a day consistently has given me tiny bumps that are so difficult to get rid of! See if this helps..

I've seen this brand for a couple of weeks, but I have been resisting the urge to step into the shop. When stress strikes, retail therapy rescues. On sale at RM39, and I get to redeem a free facial and a pc of whitening mask. I think I could justify that RM39 spent..

Okay, whats with handsoap!? People around me are sneezing and coughing like nobody's business, and I've just recovered from a month long of cough. No way would I wanna risk getting sick again. Wash wash wash... not a good time to get sick when my project is launching soon!

Pretty affordable at about RM2.++ each?

Bookstore sale~!!


So enough of spending money. Surely I've gotten some nice freebies, right?

Asience shampoos and conditioners from Cleo and Malaysian Women Weekly mag. Generous sized samples, perfect for travelling :)


 Clinique sent me a postcard to redeem Moisture Surge!

The new Lancome whitening serum...

 What are my next buys and freebies? Yours?  :)

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omg.. i didn't know the samples are so big! dam.. i still have my coupon but i thought they'll be giving sachets like the other time :(

i read somewhere there's also a reclying program goin on for ascience shampoo? trade in n get the ones u have in the pic. But totally can't remember where i saw that.

I got the hada labo! n rm5 instant deduct from it. The SA gave freebies to ppl who buy a lot.. nice.

Uhmm, mebbe try to approach Jusco see if they have extras? The customer service in pg is really good.

Hehe at first I didn't like the slippery feel of the toner. But now kinda hooked to it. You got which samples from hada labo?

OMG samples of Ascience? That shampoo is great, its up there with my Shiseido Tsubaki fave.

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