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I don't usually review a product until I'm either finishing it or at least halfway thru it. So what prompts me to review this new baby I've got just 2 months ago? There is barely a significant dent made to it so far..

- Its 8.30pm and I'm still in the office
- I'm super hungry
- I can feel headache + slight dizziness coming my way
- I'm freezing to death soon
- My eyes are screaming for sabbatical
- I have a grumbling fella in front of me
- All of the above makes me irritated and grouchy.

Ideally I'd love to leave for home immediately, soak in warm bubble bath and sip some wine.. but really, how possible is that?

The next best thing? Whip this baby out, look at the cutie and feel some stress beginning to melt away. Start with a tiny smile eh..

Then breathe in deeply...  ooh that uplifting tangerine scent! So calming and soothing. I like to rub a little on my temples, nose, wrists and inner hollow below my ears.. and continue to breathe innnnn...... ouuuuuutt.

After a mo, I really do feel less tensed. Cheery as in not so grouchy anymore.
Oh best part that I realized? I am less tempted to "bark" even during PMS - now thats great! It does calm my headache to a degree, not completely.

Doesn't feel oily, absorb almost immediately, doesn't stain. And it is organic :D

Priced at RM49.90, I got this at JustLife @ The Gardens.
28g may seem little, but I believe this tin will last me a long long time..
Just a small dab is needed each time.

Badger Says:
Our Stress Soother promotes calm and courage when times get tough. This balm is easy to use and smells great. 

Badger Bill chose specific oils for this balm to help people "rise to the occasion". 

In traditional aromatherapy, Rosemary instills clear thinking and confidence; Tangerine and Spearmint are uplifting and cheering; Cedarwood helps build inner strength; Roman Chamomile and Lavender are soothing and relaxing, and Rose is all about love and forgiveness.

Good stuff to promote calm, courage & relaxed awareness when times get tough. Rub it in, breathe deep, think good thoughts and expect results!

*Extra Virgin Olive Oil, *Golden Yellow Beeswax, Essential Oils of *Tangerine, *Lavender, *Rosemary, *Cedarwood, *Spearmint, Rose Otto & *Roman Chamomile, and CO2 Extracts of Rosehip & *Calendula.

Yippie, more Badger reviews coming soon.

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