Collective Hauls - Part 1  

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Before I went out of my mind and keep on shopping; here is a reminder to myself of what damage I've already done in recent months (weeks)..

Proper reviews will follow soon (when work is not so demanding ok.. sigh when are those days coming..!?)

Maybelline Clear Smooth Extra Shine Free Powder Foundation
I saw this ad many time on TV and was very tempted to try the one for full coverage. I got this on sale at about RM14 -ish? I barely tried enough for a proper review.

My first try by patting in on - I don't like it. Made my skin cakey and looked dry! Second attempt with a brush - ahh looks better. Not a good time to experiment further as I am currently swamped with work, so I go with the tried and tested.

Finally, the Revlon PhotoReady Makeup is mine *glee*
I've read mixed reviews about this foundie - the negative about sparkles..

So far I've tried this a few times and I love love it! No sparkles, no discoball, really just smooth looking skin and lasted all day. Just a minor thing.. it is "transferable" so don't hug anyone in white!

Avon hauls again..
I reaaaallly need to stop shopping at Avon.. I'm almost done collecting all the Urban Flowers perfumes.. I don't quite like Rome, so leaving that one out. At RM16 per bottle during sale, I fell in love with Shanghai and that kick started my interest to collect more..

Can never get enough of body lotions, so here's another one :D And I add another item to the Rejuvenate skincare line I bought last.. 2 months? One must mask.... hehe.

One random Friday night, after a particularly stressful work day (read: madness, absenteesim, overflowing work, ppl around me grumbling, ppl chasing for updates, ok I shall stop here); so I read the papers late and voila!
Revlon's lippies are on BOGO, so are Majolica Majorca's eyeshadows!

I came back with 4 lipsticks and 2 eyeshadows.. and a Acmedica Toner.. :P
Those zits / whiteheads along my jaw - something needs to be done here, right?

Anyone remember if they pleaded with their moms to have her train case?
I did :D Back in those days Momma's was a simple cream colored one, and I love playing with her stuffs hehe. I'd spent time rummaging thru her goodies while she naps... (I was a good girl who never disturb her Momma's naps lol)

She finally gave it to me when I entered college, and till today I still keep it with me.. But every woman need to have one of her own, right?
Lol excuses, but I found one I really like and I'm a happy owner...

Next few pictures are my current faves (you will read alot of this phrases from me :P )

My online purchase from NonPareilBoutique

 Came nicely wrapped and all in perfect condition. Everything was on 20% off.

Why all of a sudden eyeshadows? Lol don't know either.. can't resist those colors? As for blushers and bronzers.. well those are my weaknesses.

I was impatient to wait; could you see I swatched a color? Happy with the quality. Yet to really try on all colors..

My love... bronzers. I'm working towards clear porcelain skin.. but I love some warmth too. Milani Tantastic Bronzer - took me a while to figure out how to open it haha. Came with a brush and mirror. Soft brush :)

Nice glow from Wet n Wild. I remember this brand in Msia when I was in high school.. bought the lip liner.. and then kapoof! No more news on Wet n Wild here. Hmm...

More blushers:

From Guardian.. these oils from Garden of Eden were on sale. And I had 2x RM5 off coupons. Primrose E and Grape E - anti aging!

The Ginvera Green Tea cleanser was selling for RM1 as part of PWP.

Random buys that I grouped together:

- Maybelline Make Up Remover. Can you believe I've not tried this before? :P
- Revlon Beyond Natural 2-Way Foundation. Fine texture. Trying this for the first time..
- The Majorlica Eyeshadows mentioned earlier..
- Olay Total Effects in Gentle + SPF. Promo set comes with a serum and cleanser.. I'll tell you the story behind this buy later on ;)

Hooyah! So thats Part 1. 
Lemme find another time for Part 2.

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omg you hauled a lot ! and this is only part 1 ?!!! Are you kidding me ?! hahaha...
Very nice haul though.
The Revlon Photoready makeup is a base or a foundation huh ?

Hello Anna
Its a disease!! Shopping illness :P

The Photoready is a foundation :)
I am really liking it at the mo..

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