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.... *sigh dreamily*
It is the time of the year again, Xmas is near, Xmas songs are playing in my head... annnddd - I've got the shopping itch *ohmmm*

Without miss, there are always tempting catalogs from Guardian and Watsons.
Oh and Crabtree Evelyn too. Only, this year I'm giving CE a miss because all the stuffs I want are sold out! (both yay save money and boo I really want them!!)

Crabtree Evelyn's catalog always pleases my eyes..

With 30% off during the preview sales days.. its not surprising these were snapped up fast.

CE hand creams will always be my favourite ahhh... they keep my hands well moisturized :) So loved. And Wisteria, I have been lemming for the EDT for ages.. and now when I finally decide to get it... it was sold out :((

As for these yummies, looking at the price, hehehe posting up the pics would do for now :P


Okay, moving on to Watsons. Say hello to Rilakkuma! :)
Chho cute! I saw those mugs (PWP) and I know I gotta have them. And look at the cute baby blanket... hehe.

Who could resist these lovely neck pillows... I like Chip n Dale & Eeyore :D
And Xmas is not complete without chocolates and toys!

Beauty related...

I tried the Majolica Liner in Grey and really like the colour. And Mogitate Lipbalms.. something new, only.. I still have a couple to finish.

New range from Vichy - the Essentielles. With Rose Polyphenols and Paraben-Free. These are targeted for those with sensitive skin. Best part? They are very affordable!

Facial Cleanser 100ml - RM25
Facial Emulsion 50ml - RM35
Facial Cream 50ml - RM35
Softening Shower Gel 200ml - RM25
Body Cream-Milk 200ml - RM29

Been noticing these for some time now.. Pure Beauty now has whitening range. I tried the AntiOxidant Eye Cream and really like it (reviewing it soon). Wonder if this is as good?

Last but not least.. this is what I want most from Watsons..

Organic skincare for Sukin.. RM85 for all full sized items! WANT, but I'll also tell you about my "expensive weekend"... and you tell me if I should still go for this eh? ;)

Ok, next from Guardian (I'm not liking Guardian at the mo):

Its a jolly good time to collect those additional stickers, unless you plan to spend RM1200 for a free toy..

Revlon nail polish is on BOGO, eyeing purples and plums... mmmm

Should I return to Cetaphil or try Sukin? :P Price has increased though. Used to be RM68 for 2 bottles, free hand towel.

Also time to replenish sunblock.. Kose Sun Protector is finishing (I love this, but a lil pricey and I've hit the 4000 points quota this year, so will only buy next year), I have one Nature Republic Sun Balm as backup. But it needs time to blend the balm.. not something that I fancy doing in the mornings.

I'm eyeing the Matte version.. hopefully my skin accepts.

How good is this IDI MultiAction Mask actually... is it worth RM148 even? Haha now I ask $$ questions, after spending RM189 on Polynia Sake Mask ( I happen to love the Sake Mask hehehe).

Reviews... more reviews pls.

Don't know why I am attracted to this. I haven't really tried any products from Avene.. Just... don't know why..

*reminding myself of my recent expensive weekend!* arrghhh..

A lil unhappy with the service level from Guardian Malaysia.
I popped by on the 25th night asking if I can have a copy of the Xmas Catalog, and was told no because the sale haven't started. So I need to go back on the 26th instead. Duh.. it was already 9pm... but fine I left feeling a lil annoyed.

Then on the 26th, my mom went and requested for a copy and guess what the SA told her? "No cannot give, as we only have limited copies". "You must buy something then you can have the catalog". WTF?

As a customer / potential customer, we want the catalog to see what interests us, is it not? If you know quantities are limited - whose problem is that?

My mom told the SA "well, I want to see what are on sale then I decide what to buy..?" The greatest answer given by Guardian "oh ok.. you can stand here and look.."

Needless to say my mom walked out of Guardian empty handed. And I don't really feel like spending in Guardian anymore now.. ugghh.

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Ughh what an annoying and stupid SA =.=

Sweetie, I'm tempted by the MBD masks promotion, 17 pieces for ~RM 70!!

Very lack of common sense right!!

Ooh it'll be good if they have the RM10 off coupons again :)

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