KAO ASIENCE Inner Rich Treatment  

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I'll be using alot of pics from the web, as just as the wedding madness has ended, it is now house-reno madness (!!)

Kao Says:
Contains high concentration of natural precious ingredients that deeply nourishes and protects the hair while strengthening it from the core. 

Also enriched with Royal Jelly extract that keeps hair smooth and supple to the ends.

Foxy Frangipani Says:

Texture: Thick cream
Scent: Pleasant, hint of ginseng
Nett Wt: 180g
Color: White
Price: n/a
Made in: Japan

I'll be first to admit that I pay the least attention to hair care all the while. Even when I suffered hair loss due to work stress some years back, my diligence is still not comparable to skincare.

So on normal circumstances, I wouldn't be spending on hair treatments.
Just that I got this for free hehehe. It is part of the Goodie Bag items, complimentary from The Hotel where my wedding was held.

It was only on my wedding day that I realized just how much hairspray was needed to hold the little up do. Lets just put it this way - never in my entire life have I had to use so much hairspray. It held my mane in place for a good 16 hours! And that means, washing it off was a real real pain!

And I thought that was it... then I flew to Taipei to have my wedding shots taken. Another round of hairspray attack. This time it was worse, as I had 6 different styles. When I washed my hair that night, all I could think off was OMG OMG OMG... another round of hair loss?! I promise I'll be good!

(The Husband commented that my hair looked dry - I've always have oily scalp! So that was bad news)

Then I became so grateful this was gifted to me hehehehe. Because after just one use, I couldn't stop touching my hair :) I'm still not diligent enough to use it daily (I don't think I'll ever come to that level, also I didn't want super oily hair); but twice a week seems  pretty awesome for me.

After shampoo I use about the size of 2 peas and massage into my hair, avoiding the scalp. I leave it anywhere from 3-10 mins, depending on how much time I have in the shower. Even 3 mins did wonders for me.

Rinse with cold water, and air-dry. Hair looks much healthier, glossy even.
Best of all, I don't have to worry about dry hair (I wash my hair daily, sometimes with deep cleansing shampoo).

Definitely opportunity for re-purchase :)

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