Want Want Want, But Too Many Things Already!  

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Spring cleaning remains one of the most horrifying experience for me, because I am a hoarder! I don't throw things (if they look pretty / cute); and can seriously accumulate over the years. It can get really stressful. 

I sat down and after much self debate; conclusion is that - I really do not have a lot of time to blog and write proper reviews. Work has always been top priority (pays for my living yo) and this alone eats up alot of my time. And, now that I'm married; one more chunk of time goes to family.

Hence, I finally decided to throw away those fancy packagings and empty jars / bottles. If I can squeeze in time to blog, bonus for me :) If not, then no point keeping them and eating up my space at home.

Heavy hearted, but I just chucked out bags of stuffs. I'm not very convinced that I could continue throwing though..

Okay, getting to my wardrobe now. At the same time, resisting the temptation for these brushes!

I'm finding it difficult to fork out money these days! Whatever is happening to me...

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