Crabtree & Evelyn Aromatherapy Distillations Relaxing - Floral Body Smoother  

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Crabtree Says:
Treat yourself to a unique and delightful experience. As whole lavender buds, sugar and salts polish your skin to a beautiful radiant glow, the relaxing aroma of essential oils works to calm and soothe your senses. 

For best results, apply to dry or slightly damp skin and rub in a circular pattern. Rinse well, then pat dry. Recommended for use twice weekly.

. Weekly body smoothing treat
. Calms and soothes you with 100% essential oils
. Smoothes and polishes your skin with whole lavender buds, sugar and salts
. Contains no parabens, mineral oil, propylene glycol, synthetic color or fragrance

Scent: Calming essential oil blend of lavender, rosewood, sandalwood and Damask rose. 

Featured Ingredients:
Essential oil blend of lavender essential oil, rosewood essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, Damask rose essential oil (relaxing, calming), whole lavender buds (aromatic, exfoliating), salts (skin polishing, skin smoothing) sugars (exfoliating, skin smoothing), evening primrose oil (skin conditioning), olive oil (conditioning, moisturizing), jojoba oil (conditioning, moisturizing), rose hip oil (Vitamin C – antioxidant), sweet almond oil (moisturizing). 

Foxy Frangipani Says:
This is easily the most luxurious (read: expensive) scrub I own so far... and let me go straight to the point - I LOVE THIS STUFF!

Ok, first the scent is just heavenly. One whiff and I am relaxed. So calming and soothing..

The scrub texture is great for an all over scrub; however I don't fancy scrub with oil for the pits.. There are lots of lavender buds, when crushed, release more calming fragrance. Nice!

This rinses well and I like using this on damp skin. After shower with this srub, my skin feels velvety and always puts me in a great mood. Fantastic for those moody tough days...

As usual, I got this when the collection was launched, I don't remember the price anymore. However much I love this, I doubt I'll repurchase as I'm not keen in paying a bomb for wash-offs. *I wonder if they still sell this.. I have not been to a Crabtree store since my last handcreams purchase*


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Malaysia next week, yay! Looks like proces in C&E are much lower in Malaysia than in Bangkok. I think they are generally lower, due to tax stuff? Anyway, I'm going to love it and come back 3 kilos fatter , as always.

Hmm I've not come across C&E store in BKK before.. maybe because i frequent markets more hehe. My next trip is next Aug!

Yay to holidays too! :))
Where in Malaysia are you heading to this time?

Enjoy your trip with lots of yummies and mags!

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