Oriental Princess Natural Intensive C Repairing Serum  

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Foxy Frangipani Says:
Nett Wt: 60ml
Made in: Thailand
Scent: Citrus
Price: About 350 - 500 Baht
Vitamin C.. they are good for us aren't they? I pop mine daily in the morning. And when I came across this in Bangkok last year, I had to try one.
The texture is not sticky or thick, makes application really easy. Doesn't sit on top either. Once absorbed, skin feels smooth to touch. No tingling or sensitivity issue.
This is mildly scented - fresh citrus. I only use this at night. Keeps the pimples at bay somehow but does not take care of redness. I find that if I use this continuosly after a month I no longer see any differences. So I skipped a month monthly and I see more positives. 60 ml for the price is really a steal.
I wouldn't mind repurchasing this one, but I am tempted to check out what is new at Oriental Princess :)

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