Lameila Electric Powder Puff  

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My my… what happened to beauty via diligence? That our fingers are the best beauty tools; and that those warm nimble digits improve cream absorption and adhere makeup better to our skin.
Technology has indeed made us lazier – a lot lazier. First there were the brushes in all types of imaginable shapes.

Apparently we now need an electric powder puff in out lives heh heh. I found this affordable version about RM15 at Mr DIY recently (definitely not paying the premium price for the branded version). So this is supposed to promote blood circulation and shrink pores – you know this is not going to happen right?
It operates on a lithium cell. One on off button.
So after trying this out, my findings:
– It is quite easy to use. Pat in on the powder, turn it on and move gently on the skin.
– Gives an overall okay foundation finish. Not bad at all, but nothing like I couldn’t live without.
– Takes a tad bit longer than my usual method with a brush.
– So the downside is the sponge is not removable. Meaning, expect no replacement sponges. Not really sure what would happen if I couldn’t wash the sponge too. It would be too icky for me!
In the end this could be a use-10-times-and-toss type of puff, assuming it gets damaged once I wash the sponge. If so, then definitely not a repurchase for me. Good to experience it, but not great enough to earn a permanent spot on must have list.

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