Lipstick Frenzy  

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** I changed my Editor to the upgraded version but somehow my pics look screwed, any idea what went wrong? :S **

A bowl of delicious hokkien mee with roasted pork and stewed chicken feet fuelled my energy for my shopping trip at Guardian.

I’ve decided that I need a good browse and the branch at AutoCity is the best – the outlet is big! However, nothing in particular caught my interest in the first 15 mins. Shower gels, skin lotions, skincare, mask (!!) – nada *gasp*… my cart was still empty and The Boyfriend was really tempted to buy lottery.

I don’t get it as well… why wasn’t I chucking stuffs into my cart?

… until I spotted Maybelline’s shelves. *Hmm mebbe I want those mascaras, I see red tags*. Ooh, on sale at $19.88 and $27.88 for Volume Express Hyper Curl and Volume Express Hyper Curl Cat Eyes. Ok chucked both in…

I’ve read both good and bad reviews about both mascaras, but the thing with me is.. ANY mascara out there work just as good.. I rarely get clumps or smudges. Even Daiso’s at $5 lasts me whole day with great looking lashes.. (hmm my lashes are naturally on the mid-longish side, and not the stick pointing down type, so mebbe that’s why?) Both were manufactured like 2 months ago – which is good news.. I wouldn’t mind stocking up some. I got both in black as the brown ones were manufactured back in 2008.

Ahhhh now that was warming up.

Hands started to land on eye palettes (I don’t use much eye color on weekdays, but I love buying them for God-knows-why) I like those shades from Maybelline EyeStudio Quad Eyeshadow, but when I swatched – THEY ARE SOOOO SHIMERRY!! Me dun like looking like a disco ball… the affair ended there and then. Maybe next time eh?

Next to Maybelline was a cosmetics range by the name of Uptown Visions. I’ve previously bought their Finishing Blusher in “Mystere” – somewhat dusty pink shade. It comes with a small brush which I find rather blehh, don’t bother with it. However, the color is lovely. Gives me a healthy glow. Picks up color rather well. And the best part was I paid only $8 for it.

But now.. even better! Any two items for $8.88. I see finishing powder, blusher, foundation, lip gloss, lip stick, eye shadows, eye pencil, lip pencil, and nail color. Allowed to mix and match. A lip stick for $4.44? No kidding, their color selections are amazing.. Even with almost half on the shelve gone, I had a hard time choosing. I want them all...

I picked up:
- All Over Shimmer in Sparklin’ Pink (didn’t look pink to me)
- Twin Eye Shadow in Sparkling Intensity (love the teal-greenish shade)
- 10 shades of lipsticks:-

#1 Accents
#2 Bronzer
#3 Violet Frost
#10 Raisins
#16 Dusty Rose
#17 Spanish Red
#21 Juicy
#23 Champagne
#27 Pink Parfait
#36 Wicked

Ahh that’s a whole lot of cosmetics at one go.. I’m 5 stamps away in redeeming a Big Headz toy from Guardian hehehe. This visit alone earned me 18 stamps whoopeeee..


What better way to calm down an excited soul than popping into Starbucks for some Brambleberry Juice and flipping thru the latest copy of Cleo mag?

I love this juice-tea from Starbucks for its tartness in taste. Not too sour, not overly sweet. Just nice.. the cinnamon smell is so calming..

An infusion of (water, hibiscus, cinnamon, peppermint, lemongrass, rosehips, orange peel, and natural lemon essence), cane sugar, concentrated apple and marion blackberry juices, natural flavors, and citric acid.


Oh that’s not all.. I went back home for a short rest, snapping pictures while The Boyfriend watched Pandorum (it’s a lousy low cost movie me thinks, but he digs zombie, man eating type of movie eww).

Shortly after we headed to the mall… had a quick dinner, and then I continue my shopping spree hehe. Attacked the mag store, bought Dec issue of:

- Her World (I rarely read this but I wanna see what are the goodies for Xmas, & it comes with a free eco-friendly dishwashing liquid lol).

- New Tide (Chinese, I cant read Chinese.. but I want the O2 Sheet mask and Nutox serum hehehehe who doesn’t like freebies?)

- Malaysian Women Weekly (hmm this issue you get a packet of Horlicks Lite which I find so so only)


I kept telling myself I just wanna look-see at Etude… lol what a liar..

20% off for cosmetics, 30% for skincare, 40% for accessories, and 50% for BB Creams and Primer. If I don’t buy ANYTHING The Boyfriend would really have strike the lottery :D

I only picked up 3 brushes:

- Blush Contour Brush
- Dual Fibre Cheek Brush (glow)
- Powder Brush

And a stamper (for nail) – what is it called? (I'm so outdated lol)

No masks this round coz I really have too many already sigh. (As I type this, I just got an email from Sasa that some masks that I wanted is now available. Merde! Wrong timing… My Bangkok trip is about a month away.. No more buying arrghhh..)

The End.. Hahaha.

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Konad stamps?

Never seen/heard of this brand (Uptown Visions)! OMG girly, you certainly know how to haul!!!

Feel better soon Foxy!!!

Great haul! And I agree re: the mascaras. Any of them work great on my mid-long lashes too. I just stumbled upon your blog and am loving it so far. :)

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