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It was a sunny Friday afternoon, and I had the privilege to work from home. So that means I also get to browse the newspaper without people shooting me dirty looks as if I own the company... So happily I was flipping thru the pages and my eyes suddenly caught an ad by Biotherm. Fine print - can redeem Skin Vivo samples! Ooh la la... c'est tres interessant! *happy!* (Boss, in case you stumble upon / stalk my blog - I didn't go shopping ok. I was really at home sick and I redeemed this few nites after. So stop giving me the knowing look) Anyway, I was only expecting a serum / moisturizer sample, but guess what the BA gave me the eye serum, face serum and moisturizer! *grins* How generous... Now to select the perfect date to try these goodies....

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Hi Foxy!

You're from Singapore right? There should be a promotion on MBD masks right now. It's more expensive than buying online but after you factor in shipping, it should be almost the same =D

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