Estee Lauder Nutritious Vita-Mineral Radiance Serum  

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Ooh counting down.. 6 more pumps and I'll be bidding farewell to this serum...
I did a quick search for this and I don't find many reviews about it, I wonder why?

And, it is no longer listed in Estee Lauder's website. Discontinued perhaps?

It took me about 4 months to finish this up, as I only use it daytime. 3 pumps to comfortably massaged into my face and neck.

What Is It?
Name: Estee Lauder Nutritious Vita-Mineral Radiance Serum
Nett Wt: 30ml
Made in: UK
Price: RM175
Skin types: All
Color: Clear
Texture: Quite runny
Scent: Faint fruity, which quickly disappear in seconds

Estee Lauder says:
From the Nutritious collection, exclusively at Nordstrom. This silky serum infuses skin's natural glow with a look that's vibrant, energized, simply amazing. Bursting with essential vitamins, minerals and potent fruit extracts. Speeds natural skin cell turnover.

The Nutritious collection: Neutralize. Purify. Infuse. Enjoy the energized look of radiant health, thanks to the power of pomegranate and more. Love your skin. Love your life. Be radiant.

Foxy Thinks:
Hmm I'm not sad bidding it farewell.. Its not that I don't like it. This is a very basic serum that moisturize, that's all it does for me. *shrugs*
I don't know about the "bursting with vitamins" part, other than keeping my skin hydrated I don't see radiance. Definitely not saving me from looking like a zombie whenever I slaved at work and got stingy with sleep. *another shrug*

Oh, and this takes a lil longer to absorb.. but I usually do a lil massage so it doesn't really bother me much.

Well... taraaa Radiance Serum. I think I like the Nutritious Vita-Mineral Moisture Milk better.

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Thanks for the review. It's always helpful to see whether these pricey anti-agers are any good. Looks like I'll stay away from this one.

LOL! the serum really had such a fanciful description, but I suppose it didn't really work like it said it would at the end of the day! What a pity...

Hi Nellz,
I recently discovered a Korea range called Pure Beauty in Watsons TH, it is all in red packaging and with the same star ingredient with EL Nutritious, the Pomegranate. I quite like the range and bought the gel cream, only cost 400baht. See how it goes...

Hi Ashwini - these pricey "potions" always look good, till we try them.. and then realize they are just.. so so :S

Hi Musicalhouses - Yeah! I was kinda hooked onto the radiance boosting function. A pity indeed, all I got was moisturized skin.. oh well, not bad too I guess ;)

Hi Beautyknot - Good to see you again! And thanks for letting me know.. I'll be googling Pure Beauty very soon hehe. Waiting for your reviews too :D

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