Happy Chap Goh Meh... and Bi-Monthly Reflections  

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I cannot believe two whole months just flew by! Chinese New Year is over too, so is Valentine's Day.. so is.. my two whole months! *blinks*

Whoa, I seriously need more hours a day...
Time to do some reflections..

So there was quite a number of celebrations; starting with New Year Eve.
I don't like crowds, so this year we're keeping it to just dinner and snuggle at home :)

We had a lovely dinner at The Mansion. Beautiful view..

Outside view..



Gorgeous place, ain't it?

We went home to our favourite drink - Wild Vines. Check out their web here. So many more to choose from, but I only see three at the local Tesco.

I love all these :)
With about 6% of alcohol content, these are not bad at all. Hee..

I broke one of my resolutions on the first weekend of the year lol.
"Spend less on beauty products" hahaha this La-La Resolution didn't work that well.. I was back to Taiping, The Bf's hometown for the weekend. Well, its a small town with little to do.. Very nice lake garden, gorgeous huge trees.. but these sort of lose their appeal over time.

And then, they opened a new Guardian outlet there.. and then I stepped in...
And... oh well, came out with some stuffs (pictured below) *sheepish grin*


Next was my Bangkok trip which I posted some time back..

Came back, I was drowned with massive massive amount of work; at the same time preparing for CNY. Wheww.. spring cleaning was tiring, I so so dislike washing the curtains! But then again cleaning is suppose to renew the Chi.. and bring in more luck etc.. so okay.. done that.

My lil bro was back for 10 days this year, so happy to see him home. Didn't get to see him last year as he was relocated to Indo-Spore for some months..

Got a couple of cute stuffs for CNY.. these chinese animal sign mugs are so adorable. RM4.88 each; and can you spot my favourite drinks below? Hehehe.

On of the perks of not getting married yet? Red packets from the elders hahahha. Of recent years ppl start coming up with really nice red packet designs. My mom has been collecting these red packets for years.. and I somehow caught her addiction too. The cutest and my fave this year is the pink lucky kitty packet! From momma... :D

Another beautifully designed was from McDonald's (whoa.. surprising right?) 

CNY always spells food, food and more food!

I never get to eat these asam prawns (pic below, upper right) outside! Apparently they don't know this dish exist (?!?) Just smaller prawns duh!

One of the beautiful trees outside a Thai Restaurant that we went to.. Lil Bro was craving for some good ol' tom yum..


I like everything, except the Green Curry Chicken.. smelt too strong of coconut oil.. :S

My two dogs are happiest when everyone is back home! :))

How was Valentine's Day for you? It clashed with the first day of CNY. So it was rather not Valentine-y.. hehe, just mahjong and I learnt Chor Dai Dee.. (yep, I don't know how to gamble) :P

Did you read up on your luck this year? Which Chinese Animal sign are you? Mine says I will be very busy (super) and I might have a change of job and some minor health problems.. Whooo yahhh! So true.. I came back from hols to find an opportunity to lead some new teams. Hence meetings after meetings.. and more meetings.. :S and have been getting frequent gastric attacks. Andddd, the worst? I'm way behind catching up with reading blog entries.. hahaha I'm so outdated now.

I ended the two months with a small Avon haul (see, thats why I categorized the shopping resolution into the La-La category!) I've started using some of the products below, and shall post some reviews soon!

Till then, take care lovelies! :D

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You dogs are so cute! I can't be more than happy by looking at those cute animals everyday. "v

Hee hee thank you!
Both of them either can't sit still or don't like the camera.. so its hard to take good pics of them.

But planning to post more up :)

How's the Avon quad like? Good? They look Chanel-ish hahaha!

And the magic face powders look super kiut!!! Can't wait for your reviews :)

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