Purederm Red Ginseng Essence Mask  

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To stop me from procrastinating further, here is a quick review of Purederm Ginseng Mask ;)

Pretty packaging, right?
 Purederm Says:

* Skin recovery “Bottle shaped” sheet type essence mask.   
* 100% Natural pulp sheet prevents skin trouble and provides close adhesion   to skin.
* Panax Ginseng Extract protects skin and increases elasticity. 
* Vitamin E & Collagen: age defying & brightening.

Blended with Korean Red Ginseng, Vitamin E and Collagen to revitalize your tired skin.
Skin feels elastic, moisturized and radiant.

Foxy Says:
Mmmm I quite like this mask. The amount of essence is just nice, non drippy.
The texture of the mask sheet is very soft and thin, but not to the extend you could rip it apart.
Scent: Ginseng! The moment I tore the packaging, strong ginseng smell filled my room, and not the fake-ish smell. I love ginseng and felt relaxed having this mask on :)

Price: Hmm I think RM5.90? I bought it for RM4.90 when it was on sale @ Watsons

I don't know how much of essence is in one pack.. it wasn't stated on the packaging. (or my eyes playing tricks on me??) Anyhow, it was enough - I had it on for over an hour. 

Haha yep, I don't like to be interrupted while I read ( washing off mask inclusive :P ) With the fan on, after an hour, the sheet was still kinda moist.

After the ginseng therapy:
- My skin is nicely hydrated. Superficial fine lines were gone (temporary till office next day)
- Visible brightening effect.

Would I buy this again.. yes only if they are on sale ;)

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