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Oh boy! This was meant to be posted up a while back ago. Just shows you my procrastination skills eh?

My eyes caught the word "pack"; my brain read "mask"; my hand grabbed it. Its a peel off mask so I won't be using this very often, as kiasu-ism kicks in - I'm worried that all the pulling will loosen up my skin! Haha. Presenting Naris Up Natural Pack Ex Egg!

Next is the Naris Skin Conditioner. There were 3 types- Vit C, Collagen and Hydration (correct me on the 3rd one..) Since I have a tiny brown spot which I really wanna get rid off, I chose Vit C (yellow) which helps to lighten.

Mom who loves collagen based products went for the pink one.
This is meant to be used as a quick mask, just pour into cotton pad; tear into 5 thin pieces and place on the cheeks, forehead, chin and nose. I got it for less than RM30.

Finally, Nature & Co Pure White Lotion (Light). I've held back for quite a while from buying this, but there were just too many raves. Even Kose's BA agree this lotion is great. So..... welcome home baby! :)

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