Eve Taylor Face Oil No 1  

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I was introduced to this face oil about 6 years ago. Have been using this since, multiple repurchases. Wonder why I didn't review this any sooner.. geeez.

I had my doubts with oil on my already half oily skin (used to be oilier in my early twenties). But, tried it and got hooked :P

Eve Taylor Says:
Face Oil No 1 
For the Sensitive Skin. Soothe and Hydrate.

Recommended for skins that are sensitive, due to problems relating to allergies, hay fever, smoking, long haul travel, poor air quality etc.
Or experience itchiness, / touch sensitivity

Product does not contain Lanolin, Mineral Oil, Artificial fragrance, or SD alcohol

Foxy Frangipani Says:
Nett Wt: 10ml 
Price: used to be RM38, now increased to RM46 (boo)
Scent: Very relaxing, obvious hint of eucalyptus
Texture: Clear, oil. Not thick.

This is like magic potion for me. On some days, my skin has its own PMS :P
Or when my hands got a lil itchy and I started to pick on those blackheads.. I end up with red patches on my face..

And then I would run off for this magic oil.. Just 2-3 drops and pat it on. Don't rub. Then followed by toner and the likes. Give it 20 mins.. the redness would be gone, completely! Really! Who wouldn't want that?

Oh, it does soothe itchiness as well..

I use this every alternate days now since my skin has improved. And its a shame Leonard Drake kept increasing its price. 10ml will last forever, so.. actually RM46 is an ok price.. just that I prefer to pay RM36! :P

Contains pure essential oils of Geranium, Lavender, Cypress, Sandalwood, Eucalyptus, Soya Bean, Hazelnut, Avocado and Wheatgerm.

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Hi, any idea where to purchase this in KL? Price of many things have went out of our control this year...haha :'C

Hello BT,
There are quite a few Aster Spring outlets in KL. See if this link can help? You'll be in KL for a trip soon? :)


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