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... when it comes to blogging (as if you don't already know right). Well I blame it on.. uhh *quick find me a reason!* okokidontactuallyknowwhy.

Editing picture is a chore hehe. I'd go shop my heart out and when I get home, I'd feel so dead to even take pics.. (but I remove makeup and do proper cleansing haha). By the time I'm done with pictures, I need another set of time to actually blog/write about it. Nope, can't do it at work. Usually back to back till the sun disappears.. >_<

So... I need help yes? :P

Anyway, supposed to post this up last Dec, but you know.. alloftheaboveexcuses applies....

Are you ready for a blog diarrhea? Coz I'm feeling tensed and I need to blab..

Spending Christmas at the malls is amazing.. so lovely.

But hmm I got food poisoning and ended up puking the whole day! (God I've never puke that much)

My modest haul. This time I managed to keep within my budgeted 20 items max from Daiso haha. Exactly 20 items yo. To come back and found out one is opening in Penang! This coming Saturday yay!

2011 CNY is gonna be a total wardrobe change for me I think. I have enough shoes (trying my luck as I usually can't wear close up shoes - hurts like hell) and clothes to last me thru 15 days, and my closet is giving me a dirty look. :P

Notice the little pump thingy - Beautipon? I think this is supposed to suck blackheads out while firming up the skin? Hahahha I dunno, just looks interesting. Didn't really seriously try it yet. But I took a few pump and actually quite like it :)

Guess who is painting her nails purple this CNY? Meeeee.. such gorgeous shade. Now I need to work on hydrating my cuticles.. yeeks having quite ugly nails now. Blardy temperature, so cold.

I also went Sunscreen crazy - spotted a new range from Sunkiller and I got 3. So far only tried one - the pink one. Not very impressed (My HG is still Kose), probably 3.5 out of 5. It still gives me whitish cast, which I top with BB Cream and when all these oxidizes, I look pale - not pretty!

Before this I tried on Deary Sunscreen which I bought from Taiwan (wait, I didn't post anything abt Taiwan too right? OMG) - FAILED big time. 2/5 Sooooo WHITE! Using it for my feet. (Yes yes I haven't post a proper review).

I get a lil paranoid about Skin Cancer, hence you see I got sunscreen for body as well. Even though I'm only exposed to sun for like 5 mins daily. Maybe it is the itch to buy? :P

Rilakuma mugs are on 50% sale, and because I was trying to spend wisely *ahem-cough-cough-cough* I bought only 1, and a fleece blanket too. Send me winter and I can assure you - come collect my frozen body. Absolutely afraid of cold. But I love winter hols.. (can you tell I'm slightly mental at times by now?)

Biovalley Shampoos! Finally found them at Guardian. The ones at Tesco looked dirty and most had the content spilled out :S A cheaper alternative to my favourite Redken Body Full.

Getting back to my Tarot obsessions.. If only MPH would bring in more decks. But I'd be broke.. I should spend more time re-sharpening my skills in Tarot Reading. Maybe consider a course.

Ok, I think this is enough. I have other hauls waiting an explanation from me on the delay. (Hint - never make any resolution to shop less)

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Sorry to hear your food poisoning. A little bit late to see those beautiful Xmas deco but a eye candy. Daiso in Thailand (THB60 mostly) is rather boring but I liked the one in Singapore(S$2 mostly)Ion Orchard.

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