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It happens when you unwillingly suppress your desire to spend money, and then fail. That was what happened to me. Sigh...

So I'm flying to Bangkok pretty soon. And I've been really good at staying away from the malls and beauty stores.. Until I saw The Body Shop ad - their new Bio Degradable Shower Gels. And top it off, I clicked on their Facebook page and saw this Women's Day Promo...

I came back with these:

~ Earth Lovers Fig & Rosemary Shower Gel 250ml
~ Earth Lovers Watermelon & Eucalyptus Shower Gel 250ml
= RM29.90 each. I paid RM44.95 using Maybankard :)

Fig & Rosemary
For a fabulous fragrance boost, lather yourself in the gorgeous Fig & Rosemary blend. Treasured for their warm scent, figs have long been celebrated for their rich, sweetness. In Greece the fig tree is dedicated to Priapus, the god of fertility and gardens, and its Greek name - sykê - is the origin of the word sugar. Rich in anti-oxidants, fig extracts are known to help remove dead skin cells, leaving skin soft and silky. Beautifully aromatic, rosemary is a cleansing, stimulating and restorative herb, widely used to tone and improve skin texture. It also has astringent properties, which help to reduce excess oil in skin and hair.

Watermelon & Eucalyptus
Give your skin some love with the unusual, yet perfect, pairing of Watermelon & Eucalyptus. One of nature's best sources of anti-oxidants and rich in vitamins A, B and C, watermelon extract is known to nourish the skin. Not just for koalas, eucalyptus is a well-known stimulating, purifying and cleansing herb. Its leaves and extracts are used to tone, cleanse and help improve tired, dull, mature skin and hair.

~ Moringa Shower Gel 60ml (RM8)
~ Satsuma Body Butter 48gm (RM20)
~ Sweet Lemon Body Butter 48gm (RM20)
= Women's Day promo = RM38

~ DeoDry Dry Effect Deodorant in Cool & Zesty Stick 55gm
= 29.90 each. Promo price RM26.90

Now by month end I need another spend of about RM100 to get a RM20 voucher. Hmmm ya know, I'm eyeing the Illuminating Face Base Apricoy Glow RM53 and Tailored Cheek Tint Hot Pink RM55.

Troubles ahead... oh oh.

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May be women just couldn't resist "SALES". I tried to be more discipline nowadays on beauty haul, let share some of my method here.
1. Do an inventory list (by category) and probably you will be amazed by the beauty stock list.
2. Have other big target to save such as travel or investment etc.
3. You have tried many and you know there are always many good&cheaper options out there. ('~<)

Also, could you compare the Neutrogena and Biore cleansing oils? I heard both of them are very effective but wondering which one is the winner? (I guess Biore ? For Japanese did more superior for their cleansing oil ("b))

Hello Beautyknot
You're right.. about keeping an inventory. I go by boxes.. and each time i took a peek into the boxes, I felt... guilty. Which is why I stopped for a while (until the evil side took over heh)

The best is always using as natural as possible. I love rosehip oil :) So gotta be more savvy now..

Ok, I'll post a short comparison between the two CO.. coming next ;)

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