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Here is a short entry about what I think of the two cleansing oils:

Biore Cleansing Oil
Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Oil

I tried Neutrogena in sample size, and Biore in full, so my assumption in this comparison is:

- both comes in pump

Both Neutrogena and Biore:
- does not sting
- does not cause me breakouts
- does not remove waterproof mascara well.
- does not leave oily film after rinsing


- Biore's scent is easier to accept. By the time I started to like Neutrogena's I was already finising 75% of the content. I remember the first time I used Neutrogena I went - "Holy Cow, the smell is so... strong and "poking" my nose!" :)

- Biore's texture is not as thick. I prefer to have a light massage while cleansing off makeup / sunscreen. So Biore is more feasible. With Neutrogena, I tend to stretch the skin more, unless I add water and emulsify it. But by then it probably wouldn't cleanse as well...

- I tend to rinse longer when I use Neutrogena. Maybe related to its thick texture?

- Biore is considerably cheaper, I think?
I thought I saw Neutrogena's new Cleansing Oil at Guardian.. 2 for RM47 (sale price). But I didn't really compare ml against $$. Cause I have a bottle of Shu Uemura waiting in line hehe. But Biore is probably cheaper.

Hope this helps :)
So if I have to choose a winner, I'd go for Biore :)

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Thanks so much for the comparison and I was surprise they don't remove waterproof mascara well, especially Biore's is nano-tech. I thought it will be comparable with Fancl's and DHC's.

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