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(I just noticed I have some entries left unpublished! Some missing pictures, some pending for updates.. So you'll notice a sudden blog entry diarrhea from me lol )

When your Sunday afternoon was spent working in the office, it is natural and completely completely normal to:

- Curse whats life without weekends off?!
- Get the itch for retail therapy
- Prepare a list of items to buy (although there's really nothing that I need) 

The weekend before (this is probably 1-2 months back lol) that I saw this at Guardian. FirmUp collagen drink.

On sale at RM62.88 for 10 bottles. And what was more interesting was there were discount coupons - RM10 off!

There was only one box left, and Momma wisely said "Buy if you really want it, while on sale. Else you'd regret it". I came home with my first box of FirmUp heeee...

Cute pinks

Now I wonder if all these are true..

I didn't follow the suggested 1 bottle daily for 10 days. I take one every 3 days at night. Like the taste. Reminds me of Fanta Grape? :)

BUT, it has sort of tiny cockroach-ish after taste?? Just very little... heheheh.

Update: I finished all 10 and another 2 sets thereafter. What I noticed is that my nails looked better, healthier, shinier. My skin is not prone to stress-rash that often anymore, but does not mean I now have perfect skin. No signs of getting fairer hmmm. Just satisfactory.

The last couple of bottles was extremely difficult to open! Put me off drinking these (hahahha yeah convenience is important to me)

I thought I'm done with these, but then Guardian came up with 48 bottles (24 each in a super huge and cute bottle) selling for RM235! Arrrghhh decisions!
This devilish thought came up to me.. well since I'm preparing for my wedding (The BF proposed last night!), I'd wanna look good eh? So..... :D

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