ROC Soya Epil Control Hair Minimising Moisturizer  

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Remember this? Anyone?
Years and years ago.. I got this after being very curious about a body lotion that could help to minimize hair growth. I mean which girl doesn't like this yes?

I chucked it after about 90% of usage, and today I am about to get rid of the bottle for good :P *spring cleaning*

I don't see this in Malaysian market anymore, I guess has been discontinued.

ROC Says:
Developed as a result of continuous RoC research, the advanced body moisturizer SOYA EPIL CONTROL has been specially formulated with Active Soya, an exclusive patented technology containing unique proteins that work with the natural resting process of the hair to slow down the appearance of hair re-growth.

Foxy Frangipani Says:

Nett Wt: 200ml
Made in: France
Texture: Cream in pump bottle
Scent: alot of soy!
Colour: White
Price: I don't exactly remember, but it was expensive as I had to save to buy it! (in my college years)

Easily absorbed, and left behind no signs of stickiness.
But - it didn't work! No not in minimizing hair! :P

The scent did not put me off, but it wasn't anything floral / fruity nice. Still the fact that it didn't work, irked me somehow..

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