Avon Solutions Hydra Radiance Cleanser  

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Last year I used to get really excited waiting for Avon's bi-weekly newsletter. I stopped visiting Avon when they implemented this silly rule: They will stop sending  if you did not make any purchase in 6 weeks. And you have to pay RM1.40 if you want the booklet. Insane rule! Those who are not making a business out of Avon products - isn't this ridiculous to expect customer to keep on purchasing?

Foxy Frangipani Says:
Scent: Like bedak sejuk, fresh
Nett Wt : 100ml
: RM4 (sale price)
Texture: Gel
Color: Clear

Anyway, this is one meh cleanser.. it does not wash away makeup and it certainly isn't hydrating. Easy to lather, but not much foam. What is worse is that even my hands feels dry after washing.

Definitely no radiance. Ok for morning use or when I'm home all day without makeup. Shrugs... toss! (I finished it haha)

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