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.. on a random day, after a few extra hours at work. I was having late dinner at the mall (wrong move).

While waiting for food, I logged in to Facebook (another wrong move) to find - Dressing Paula is having a sale!

Now I've always like the dresses from Dressing Paula, but mostly resisted paying RM120 for a dress (I shopped too much, so on self imposed restraint). This news was just too encouraging it is a sin not to pop by to check out the sale!

And so I came home with 3 dresses and 1 belt. Lemme just show you the plastic bag for now, as I'm busy packing for my Korea trip - I'll be leaving tomorrow :D

Oh, and over the weekend, I got myself a pair of new sunnies (yep Korea Trip was the excuse) and also a reshaping gel-cream (hmmm wedding was the excuse? Or since the idiotic gym's opening is postponed for the 129834th time...)

Oh and finally a Mr DIY store! So I stocked up more on cute notepads.. and also got myself a set of 3 hangers for my new dresses (*roll eyes*) and a bamboo beater. 

Hmm "beating" promotes circulation, and I need alot of it since I sit for long hours... wonder if I can bring it on the plane for my 7 hour flight? Lol..

Lastly some magazines.. Poor Fiance is gonna have a ball of time translating these.. lol.

Oh check out the makeup book by Siao Kai (RM36.80, NP RM56) it came with a nice pouch.

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