Clean & Clear Deep Action Refreshing Cleanser  

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Clean and Clear Says:

Too lazy to type it out, so I took a pic instead hehe.

Foxy Frangipani Says:
Texture: Foam
Scent: Fresh
Nett Wt: 85g
Color: Green, pastel
Price: RM5.90 (NP RM10.90)

I bought this just because I had a RM5 Guardian voucher, about to expire. Wasn't in the mood to get anything in particular, and because I could only use the voucher for purchase more than RM10, I was just looking at price tags (not a good practice).

I settled for this because, everyday we use cleansers, right? And, I've never really tried anything from Clean and Clear, so.. :)

The tube is 85g, but this lasted me months.. seriously I de-potted the very last bits into a plastic container and I still have it with me. I no longer use it now (still left 1/4) because it is already over the expiry date.

It foams very easily, I usually foams it up with a sponge, then apply it to my face. If I use this straight on, I sometimes find that little cream residue are left on my skin, probably stuck in my pores >_< weird..

It did not cause me any breakouts or drying up my skin. But if I skip my earlier oil cleansing step and use this, then leave on without toner etc for a couple of mins, I feel slight tightness.

Since it has expired, I'm using the leftover to clean my makeup brushes, sponges and even the sink heee. Does a great job!

However, I don't think I will repurchase this..

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