Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Mild Milk SPF 25 PA++  

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Sunplay Says:
Beautiful skin is the pride of many women and for those with delicate, sensitive skin, a little extra care goes a long way in maintaining the luminosity and texture of facial skin. With the introduction of Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Mild Milk, women with sensitive skin can now sigh with relief as a fundamental step in skincare –hydration and sun protection, can now be found packaged in a nifty bottle!

Say goodbye to sensitive skin inflammed by direct sun-related irritants and ensure your sensitive skin receives its due tender loving care by lathering on the careful formulation by Skin Aqua UV Mild Milk. Keeping in mind the delicacy of sensitive skin, the product contains no fragrance, no colorant, no alcohol and no mineral oil.

Skin Aqua UV Mild Milk also contains photostable broad spectrum UV protection of SPF 25 PA++ to prevent formation of UV induced free radicals and shield skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

The human aging process can be generally categorized into intrinsic aging (natural aging) and photoaging (caused by unprotected sunlight exposure). Skin Aqua UV Mild Milk is PA++ an essential in protecting skin against harmful effects of UVA, which penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and plays a major role in photoaging. 

Concurrently, the product also has a SPF of 25, which protects against UVB, the main culprit for sunburn.

Whilst shielding against UV rays, ensure that skin hydration is also top priority. Skin Aqua UV Mild Milk boasts Super Hydration for the skin as it is formulated with rich, moisturizing ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, collagen, & Vitamin B5, E & C.

Skin Aqua UV Mild Milk’s protection and hydration goodness comes in a handy 80 gram bottle to easily slip into your handbag or even shopping tote. Drop by any leading pharmacy or supermarket near you for your very own protection in a bottle! Caring for fussy, sensitive skin has never been this fun and handy!

Foxy Frangipani Says:
Texture: Milky
Scent: The usual sunscreen smell?
Nett Wt: 80g
Color: White
Price: RM29.90 (I think about that)

I think this is an okay sunscreen. Depending on my product usage before sunscreen.. If I've had moisturizing serum + my current Hada Labo moisturizer; I'd hate this sunscreen. It will without fail makes my skin feel sticky and shine all day. Ughhs. But then it means the claim that it is super hydrating is true..

However, if I replace the serum with Vichy Total Pore Resurfacing Essence, its then a happy family :) Just nice, not oily, not drying.

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