Nutox Oxyfusion Restorative Hydrating Mask  

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Nutox Says:
This hydrating mask helps restore the skin's optimum moisture balance and work beneath skin surface to protect against the visible signs of ageing, fine line and loss of elasticity.

Instantly fill up gaps in between lines to diminish signs of ageing. Enhance skin transparency and whiten dull complexion.

Foxy Frangipani Says:
Scent: Not scented
Texture: Thick gel
Nett Wt: 60ml
Made in: Malaysia

They described this like a dream.. "Injection free makeover" lol.
I like that this is paraben free. It cannot replace botox - that is for sure.

This is my in-shower quick moisturizing mask. I usually cleanse my face, then slather this on while I proceed to shower. By the time I rinse off my skin feels quite supple. The effect doesn't last long though. Nice to have it on while I indulge in body scrubs, else skin would feel tight.

Ok to consider as in between hydrating treatment for the skin. Wallet friendly too.

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Which Malaysian products would you reccomend? I'm compiling my shopping list for my holidays in 2 weeks:-)

Hmm to be honest I don't think I have many Msian products to recommend :S

My favourites so far are mostly Japanese and Korean skincare (but sold here at the drugstore) - Hada Labo Toner, Sunkiller Sunscreens.
I know Bkk has Hada Labo, but I don't remember seeing Sunkillers..

However, I do like these items; mostly found at the Indian groceries store:

- Tumeric powder, for face mask
- Chickpea powder shampoo

:) Happy Holidays babe!

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