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Peppermint Field Says:
Made from 100% natural ingredients, essentially Peppermint, Peppermint Field Aromatic Inhaler lets you feel refreshed and relaxed, and like breathing in pure clean air.

Peppermint Field Inhaler is specially designed to suit the lifestyle of modern consumers who would feel not only good but proud to use.

Foxy Frangipani Says:
I am one of those lucky people who grew up with super sensitive nose. When I was about 3, I was snooping (hmm snooping for a 3 year old sounds wrong!) around while my momma was napping. I somehow found a button (strange but I remember it was a jade green button and all those lights at the operating room) and somehow put it into my nose. It must be my imaginary friend back then!

I had it taken out at the hospital and since then I've been friends with sinusitis. I'm not too sure if people get sinusitis that way..

Every morning / when temp change / too hot / too cold / I saw ppl rubbing their nose / ppl accidentally rubbed my nose / too dusty - I will have runny nose. These couple of years (since I got to know The Husband) it gets better, attacks were milder and less frequent. Because.. The Husband makes me take my daily dose of Vitamin C / Garlic / Echinacea / Ginseng....

Apart from that he also introduced me to his addiction - Medicated Oil. He loves loves loves medicated oil - like drugs! Particular favourite - Siang Pure Oil.

Last year, I bought a Siang Pure Oil inhaler. It helps to relieve congestion and itchiness. But I gave it away to The Husband after some time, not because I didn't like it - it had become one of my staples in my bag. Here is why:

- normally ppl use a inhaler by.. inserting it into the nose yes? That is how The Husband uses it.

- but not me. I find it pretty disgusting to insert it repeatedly with all the germs and all. I always make sure it is just almost touching my nose hahahhaha yes call me weird.

So when one day he was having flu and his inhaler was no where to be found.. I donated mine to him. He of course was happy as mine was always spanking clean lol.

Anyway; I bought another inhaler from one of the pharmacies in MBK - this costs about 22 Baht.

Works just as well.. it smells slightly different. Milder, and very slight hint of lime? Not too choking.

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