It's Skin Power 10 Formula CO Effector  

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It's Skin Says:
Collagen serum concentrated with vegetable collagen extracts hydrates the skin from the inside, giving it a look of effervescence and resilience immediately after applying.

Foxy Frangipani Says:
Scent: None
Nett Wt:30ml
Texture: Runny liquid 

I hauled this back from Korea last year :)
There were so many Power 10 Formula to choose from I really want them all.

I like that it comes with a dropper.. and I use 1 full pump for the whole face and neck. Because of its runny texture, it is very easy to apply and absorbs almost immediately. Non-sticky.

However I find that if I do not use BB cream or foundation after, my face tends to get a little too glowy mid-day. No such problem with a little makeup after application.

It doesn't break me out, and no negatives etc. I believe it does hydrate, but the effect isn't very obvious. And these days I spend less time taking care of my skin - my mornings are rushed, work late everyday, pretty irregular meals, and came back feeling dead. If on top of all that my skin didn't dry out, its something, yeah? :)

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