Baviphat Natural Pure Aloe Drop Facial Foam  

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Baviphat Says:
Hmm again all description is in Korean..

Foxy Frangipani Says:
Nett Wt:200ml
Scent: Really like aloe!
Price: Less than RM20 (I always lookout for items at similar price range)
Texture: White, yoghurt like cream

..and similar to the Avocado Cleansing Cream, I bought this
because of its fresh scent! I love green juice by the way, and anything similar gives me the thought of being healthy (weird I know).

I used this together with the cleansing cream, and these quickly became my favourite combo. I did mention that the cleansing cream does not leave behind a film on my skin. However I have a habit of double cleansing in the evening.

This is very easy to work up a lather, best used with a washing net (I read somewhere it isn't a good idea to directly slather the cleanser onto skin)! When it is really fluffy in foam, its such a joy to use. When thoroughly rinsed off, it left my skin feeling really clean, but not tight.

Lasted me a couple of months and I thought I've thoroughly squeezed it out. But when I cut the tube up, I still have about a week or so usage.
What is not to love? :)

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