Nature Republic Waiting of 6 Years Red Ginseng Cleansing Cream  

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Okay, this is a long and weird name for a product. Don't remember if I got this from my Korea trip or the local outlet during sales..

Texture: Cream
Colour: Very light pink
Scent: Mild powdery
Nett Wt: 150ml
Price: definitely below RM20

I use up cleansing cream way faster than cleansing oil; this tube lasted me about 2 months. I love the creamy texture but don't leave an oily residue. Not overly rich.

Whether or not I wear BB Cream during the day, I would still use this as first step in cleansing. It emulsifies just the way I like it upon massage with water. Easily rinses off.

Melts away makeup - yes, beautifully.
Moisturises - yes too. Didn't feel dry or tight.
Gives nutrition to skin - hmmm I don't know. Is cleansing cream supposed to nourish??

I wouldn't mind buying again; but I just notice that mineral oil is listed first.. hmm maybe not then.

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Hi..where can i get this? I love this product but NR in my place doesnt sell it anymore..

Hello Sidney
Where are you from?
If your local NR outlet does not carry this anymore, I think the next best place would be online - Gmarket..

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