Palmer's Hydrating Gel Lotion  

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I spotted this in the Guardian's Xmas catalogue and have been wanting it. Finally a new Palmer's product! And when I was on a 2 weeks break, I took the opportunity to start shopping :)
Texture: Cream - Gel, like custard.
Colour: Very light beige
Scent: Delicious cocoa!
Nett Wt: 250ml
Price: RM19.90
I am finally back from hols, and am missing another one already! The things I don't miss - extremely dry, flakey skin; skin breakouts and dull skin. Too much rushing and those drying flights, le sigh..
Notice my arms and legs are looking rather flakey lately (it only happened when I was back in high school, and I was saved by Jergens!). But tonight, my legs started to itch :( Instantly prompted me to dig this out.
At first whiff, and many whiffs after - it smells of delish cocoa. Sweet warm cocoa, very comforting. Me likes!
Upon application, I had sort of an instant regret buying this.. it felt stickeh *yee* I was grumbling why why why when I had high expectation of this. It was sticky and skin felt a little taut.
But, wait on for a couple of minutes, and I don't even notice I had on lotion. With.the.freaking.itch.gone!! Really, like within 5-7 minutes, I am not scratching anymore (yes I am that excited I blog this instantly).
It didn't fade away the flakey look but hello! This is not magic ya. So long my skin don't feel dry and itch, I'm happy to give it time to recover. After all, I tortured my body with hours of mall browsing, weight lifting (that would be carrying the shopping bags), and indecent lack of sleep..
Oh, and a bonus?
~ It is paraben free :) So have some minutes of patience and you'll see the goodness in this gem..

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