Sariayu Lulur Kencana Lulur Soap  

Posted by: Foxy Frangipani

Foxy Frangipani Says:
Scent: Smells like alot of herbs and spices.
Nett Wt: 80g
Price: IDR 14000

I bought this during my recent Haul-a-Days in Jakarta.
There is a Martha Tilaar boutique in Grand Indonesia; although did not have all the things I want, has cause quite a dent in my purse :P

I was never a soap person (I got this habit from my mom) but somehow this intrigued me. Staying in Malaysia with the hot and humid weather, constant use of deo / anti-perspirant is almost a staple. I can't stand icky BO, so I am very particular about feeling fresh all the time.

It's true that meat lovers tend to smell a little more.. 
(I'm living with one! :P ) So, great timing I stumble onto this eh?

However... at first whiff, I decided to keep this for myself lol. I love the herbal scent. The soap is soft to touch once in contact with water. Foams quite good and rinses well. Doesn't leave my skin feeling tight, and even on minor cuts it doesn't sting.

The fresh clean smell lingers on after shower too. Am glad to say up to 3 weeks of use now I'm a happy person. It does prevent the icky sweat smell (but I'm not saying to go deo free, could skip every other day though).

At IDR 14,000 per bar, I'm happy to repurchase; but I guess one bar could last me a while.

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